Creating greetings Card

How to create your own greeting cards

    You need

    Let's go - step by step


    Use a Dremel Multi-Tool to punch holes around the edge of the card

    You need:

    Draw a scalloped edge on your card and cut it out with an ordinary pair of scissors. Using the Dremel 7700, punch holes (parchment) using the diamond wheel point around the edge of the card either in a straight line or in groups of three.


    Using embossing pen draw a borderline and sprinkle embossing powder

    You need:

    Draw a borderline inside the card borders using the embossing pen and small flowers in each corner using one of the new Dremel templates. Sprinkle embossing powder over the pen lines. Shake the excess powder off.


    Using the Dremel VersaTip and hot air tip, emboss the powder

    You need:

    Using the Dremel VersaTip with the hot air tip, carefully emboss the powder by holding the end of the tip a few centimetres away from the card.


    Cut out a butterfly shape and decorate with the embossing pen

    You need:

    Cut a piece of card fold it in half and glue the embossed card onto the front. Cut out a butterfly shape and decorate with the embossing pen and powder and heat with the VersaTip. Glue the butterfly body to the front of the card and raise wings away from the card to give 3D effect.