How to create a noisemaker

    With this individually designed clapper you can show your country’s colours and support it stridently in the soccer World Cup or at the Winter Olympics. Make your own personal fan kit together with your family, friends and neighbours and do something with the time that leads up to the action. All you need is your enthusiasm and the right Dremel® tools.

    You need

    Let's go - step by step


    Using a Dremel Multi-Tool and cutting kit 565, cut out two hands

    You need:

    Press the hand template onto an A3 sheet of paper and transfer the outlines twice with a pencil and tracing paper onto to a multiplex sheet. Fix the Multipurpose Cutting Kit (565) to a Multi-Tool like the Dremel® 4200 and carefully cut out the two hands.


    Sand the wooden hands with Dremel Multi-Tool and sanding bands

    You need:

    Sand the edges of the hand and the handle smooth with the Multi-Tool and EZ SpeedClic sanding bands (SC407). Your noisemaker will then fit neatly and comfortably into hands large and small and even small children will be able to fire their favourites on with a shake and a clap.


    Spray paint the hands in your country colours

    You need:

    Now is the time to show your colours. Spray first one side of the hand in your country’s colour(s) and leave it to dry well. Then spray the other side so that your clapper will be both a noisemaker and an eyecatcher.


    Using your Dremel Multi-Tool drill two holes on the base

    You need:

    Your Dremel® 4200 is back in action in Step 4. Draw two holes on the base of a hand as shown and fix the multipurpose spiral cutting bits (561) to your Multi-Tool. Then lay the other hand underneath and drill the two holes through them both.


    Wind tape around the handles, starting at the lower end

    You need:

    Wind tape round the handles, starting at the lower end and making sure that the edges always slightly overlap and there are no gaps. Secure the ends with duct tape.


    Thread a cord through the two holes and tie a firm knot

    You need:

    Push a pencil between the two hands as a placeholder and thread the cord through the holes you have drilled. Tie a firm knot and your noisy clapper is ready to go! All you now have to do is clap for all you are worth to support your team!