Shopping Guide: Moving House Made Easy with These 10 Top Tips and Tools

Dremel’s Multipurpose Cutting Kit (565) will be high on your home repair tools list when moving into a new home – it’s so very versatile!

When you’re moving house, your list of DIY things to do is likely to be as long as your arm. From big projects like installing the kitchen or tiling the bathroom, to little details like replacing light switch covers or hanging family photos, there’s a lot to think about. And that’s before you’ve even given your toolbox a good once-over. That’s why Dremel has come up with this clever shopping guide, featuring the 10 must-have tools that will make your home move so much more manageable. There you go, that’s one item off your list.

Dremel® 4250

Cutting laminate flooring made easy, with Dremel’s 4250 corded multi-tool

From creating electricity outlets to cutting pipes for your plumbing, when you’re moving house there are plenty of heavy-duty things to do. Dremel’s 4250 corded multi-tool with its 175W motor is a powerful ally when moving into a new home. It offers an ergonomic soft grip and minimal noise for maximum comfort when getting your home in order. With an RPM that ranges from 5000 to 35000, as well as full compatibility with Dremel’s accessories and attachments, you really can do it all yourself.


Dremel Lite (7760-15)

Sanding the window frames of your new home is effortless with a Dremel Lite (7760-15)

When you’re moving house, the question isn’t so much what to do, but how to get it all done. With a cordless, USB-chargeable Dremel Lite in your back pocket, you’re prepared for your next light-duty DIY task whenever it crops up. Whether you want to sand a windowpane, clean limescale or remove rust from a tap, you can just whip out your multi-tool and start working away. The amazing accessories in the kit couldn’t be easier to change thanks to Dremel’s effortless EZ Twist system.


Dremel Wall & Floor Grout Removal Kit (568)

The Dremel Wall & Floor Grout Removal Kit (568) is used to remove old grout from between tiles

Unless your next home is newly built, replacing the grout around floor and wall tiles will be high on your home repair list. With this tremendous tool, removing grout in a controlled way is a breeze. Just pick the right size grout removal bit (569 or 570 for example), attach the guide, set the correct depth and you’re ready to go. The guide will ensure full visibility while maintaining an even depth and protecting your fingers and hands. The chances of breaking or damaging a tile are slim, making the Wall & Floor Grout Removal Kit (568) a must-have accessory to use with your multi-tool when moving home.


Dremel Multipurpose Cutting Kit (565)

Dremel’s Multipurpose Cutting Kit (565) will be high on your home repair tools list when moving into a new home – it’s so very versatile!

Does your new home need a bit of TLC before you move in? Here’s a clever DIY shopping tip for you: get yourself a Multipurpose Cutting Kit (565), right now! With its ability to make freehand yet controlled cuts to an adjustable depth up to 19 mm in laminate, drywall, wood and more, it offers a range of clever cutting options for all kinds of home improvements. Whether you’re installing light fixtures, fitting your laminate flooring around a radiator or creating a name sign for the front door, the Multipurpose Cutting Kit is the first step towards an impeccable new home.


Dremel Right Angle Attachment (575)

With Dremel’s Right Angle Attachment (575), hard-to-reach areas around the home become instantly accessible

When moving into a new house, there are plenty of shelves to be put up, drawers to be fitted and pieces of furniture to be put together, requiring you to get into tight spaces regularly. With Dremel’s Right Angle Attachment in your toolbox, you are prepared. It quickly connects to your multi-tool, has a 90-degree angle and can be easily adjusted to face 12 different directions so you can comfortably work in virtually any position you like. The attachment runs smoothly, keeps cool under stress and has a durable, long-lasting design to boot.


Dremel EZ SpeedClic Multipurpose Accessory Set (SC725)

When moving house, Dremel’s EZ SpeedClic Multipurpose Accessory Set (SC725) will quickly become your best buddy

Moving into a home of your own for the first time? For help in any and all DIY situations, you can’t go wrong with the EZ SpeedClic Multipurpose Accessory Set (SC725). The sturdy storage case contains a total of 70 bits for a range of DIY home renovations, from cutting metal and sanding wood to polishing plastic and glass. Changing accessories is easy as one-two-three, thanks to Dremel’s unique keyless quick-change system: the EZ SpeedClic mechanism. No wonder this versatile accessory set is one of our top shopping list tips for those moving house!


Dremel EZ SpeedClic: SC545DM Diamond Cutting Wheel

For nice, clean cuts in ceramic tiles, kit out your Dremel Multi-Tool with an EZ SpeedClic Diamond Cutting Wheel (SC545DM)

Want to add some glamour to your toolbox? This diamond-coated cutting wheel is just the thing! Tough as nails – or rather, diamonds – it cuts through hard materials like concrete and ceramics with high precision and minimal dust. It’s a pretty dab hand in the bathroom too, easily cutting through tiles up to half an inch thick. Perfect for cutting tiles to shape, it will prove to be essential when moving into your new home. 


Dremel EZ SpeedClic: SC456DM Premium Metal Cutting Wheel

For Dremel’s EZ SpeedClic Metal Cutting Wheel (SC456DM), cutting through a copper pipe is no problem whatsoever

Dremel’s Premium Metal Cutting Wheel (SC456DM) does more than just deliver on its promises. Yes, it cuts metal, but it can do so much more. It tackles hard metals like stainless steel, metal pipes and sheet metal too, as well as cast iron, bolts and screws. Plus, it can be used for slicing, grooving and trimming those same materials, making it a great asset in and around the home. The wheel is reinforced with fibreglass and can be easily changed due to the EZ SpeedClic mechanism – no key required. Team it up with the Right Angle Attachment (575) to reach cuts in awkward places.


Precision Drill Bit Set (628)

Dremel’s Precision Drill Bits (628) can be used on a variety of materials, such as soft metals, making them a great all-rounder to have when moving into a new home

Drilling is the number one DIY skill needed when moving house. There’s furniture to be assembled, cabinets and floating shelves to be put up and decorations to be hung on the walls. It’s not a bad idea, then, to have an all-round selection of drill bits at the ready. Dremel’s Precision Drill Bit Set (628) contains 7 high-grade steel drill bits in all the appropriate sizes, ranging in diameter from 0.8 to 3.2 mm, so you’re sure to have the right one at your fingertips when you need it.


Wood Drill Bit Set (636)

A Dremel Multi-Tool with a bit from the Wood Drill Bit Set (636) is being used to drill a hole into a wooden plank

Are you moving home and drilling a lot of holes in the process? Then we’ve got a terrific tip for you. When drilling holes in either hard or soft woods, go for specialist wood bits – they offer high precision and give a professional finish to your project. The bits in Dremel’s Wood Drill Bit Set (636) have a pointy spar, making sure your holes stay centred and you drill exactly where you want the hole to be. They also have a lip, marking the outline of the hole when you start drilling, creating neat, defined edges as you go. The set contains 4 bits in total: 3, 4, 5 and 6 mm in diameter.