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Mampostería (415)

Ideal for cleaning and reshaping Grinding Stone for specific applications
  • Block of extremely hard abrasive
  • Bring new life back to worn Grinding Stone
  • Save money by getting the most out of your Grinding Stone

Product description

Bring new life to your Dremel Grinding Stone accessories with the 415 Dressing Stone. Abrasive accessories, like Grinding Stones, wear down and change shape from repetitive use. The Dressing Stone is used to clean and reshape Grinding & Sharpening accessories to keep them flat, sharp and running smoothly to maximize their grinding performance.

Datos técnicos para  Mampostería (415)

Datos técnicos 
Diámetro del vástago
3,2 mm
Detalles de entrega:  Mampostería (415)
Número de pedido
1 piece
Longitud de la caja del producto, 1.3 cm
Altura de la caja del producto, 10 cm
Anchura de la caja del producto, 5 cm
Número de pedido
Código EAN