DIY Project: Easy Monogrammed Book Letter

Monogrammed Book Letter

The Dremel Micro 8050 is one of the most versatile tools in our arsenal. See how blogger Kayla Aimee used her Micro to create a vintage book monogram, a perfect last minute gift to make for anyone on your holiday list.

Kayla started with a vintage book, a razor blade, ruler, pen and the Dremel Micro 8050 plus three attachments (125 High Speed Cutter, 426 Cut-Off Wheel and 407 Sanding Drum)

To create the outline of her letter, she marked off the lines using a ruler and a Sharpie. She recommends printing out the letter you plan on making and tracing it onto the book. Using her Dremel Micro equipped with the 125 High Speed Cutter, she set the tool to speed 20 and made her initial cut on the cover.

To create a clean edge on the corners that needed a 90 degree angle, she switched to the 426 Cut-Off Wheel. She switched to a razor blade to cut the inside pages of the book, as the pages were flimsy. Once the inside pages were cut, she went through the same process on the back cover as she did with the front. She then used her Dremel Micro with the 407 Sanding Drum on the tool's lowest speed to round off the corners and smooth the edges. To complete her monogram project, she used a sealant spray to seal the edges.

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