DIY Project Etched Feather Drinking Glasses

Dremel Micro with Glasses

Looking for a way to enhance your drinking glasses from plain and boring to custom and stylish? Look no further! On her blog, My Three Monsters, Amy gives a quick and easy project idea with the Dremel Micro 8050: Etched Feather Drinking Glasses.

Dremel Engraving Glass

All you need for this project is your Dremel Micro 8050 with the 84922 Silicon Grinding Stone accessory, a set of drinking glasses, tape, a printed design template and a little bit of time. Amy describes using the Micro 8050 as "similar to drawing with a pencil on glass," so you can choose a design that is simple or detailed.

To begin, tape your design pattern on the inside of the glass. Using the Dremel tool, etch the design onto your glass by following the lines of your pattern. Keep in mind that this design may only work as a guideline. Amy stated that she found it difficult to follow the pattern exactly. Once you have finished etching the design into the glass, remove the pattern from the inside. This is your opportunity to touch up the design by adding in extra lines to bare spaces or thickening any lines.

To finish up, clean your glass to remove any dust from the etching and fingerprints. Happy etching!

DIY Engraved Beer Pints

To see Amy's entire tutorial, visit her blog.

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