Do It Yourself: Etched Spice Jar

DIY Engraved Spice Jars

The craft and DIY possibilities are endless with the Dremel Micro 8050. Check out how blogger Alyssa from Alyssa & Carla used her Dremel rotary tool to create an etched spice mason jar, a perfect DIY gift idea as we inch closer to the holiday season.

Before she started, Alyssa practiced on an old pickle jar to get a feel for the Micro. She then taped her design on the inside of the jar to trace and used the Micro equipped with the 84922 silicon carbide grinding stone to etch the glass.

To create the shaker part of the spice jar, she used the 125 high speed cutter accessory to cut four holes into the lid, smoothing the rough edges with the sanding disk and EZ Drum. To see Alyssa's entire tutorial, visit

For more information on how to use your Dremel rotary tools to etch glass, visit