Featured Dremel Maker: Alex Wer the Pumpkin Geek

Movie Characters Pumpkin Carvings

Most people are content with a simple jack-o-lantern while carving a pumpkin around Halloween time… Not Alex Wer, better known as "The Pumpkin Geek." 

Seven years ago, Alex Wer was asked by his wife to carve a pumpkin with her company logo in it for a party. With no official art training (his background is in criminal justice), he got to work using a Dremel 200 series tool and an artificial pumpkin. You could say the rest is history.

Wer only uses artificial pumpkins for his work, and still uses the same Dremel 200* that he carved his first pumpkin with for his wife. He uses the Dremel 194 High Speed Cutter and 7134 Diamond Wheel Point bits – the 194 for shading large areas and the 7134 for outlining and details.

Each hand-carved pumpkin can take anywhere from 4-6 hours depending on the detail, and he uses a stencil that he creates in Photoshop to carve the designs.

Since he began this venture, Wer has carved pumpkins for a handful of celebrity clients, including Taylor Swift, Gene Simmons and Jeri Ryan. Recently, his work was featured in an issue of People Magazine.

For more information on Wer's work, visit his website www.thepumpkingeek.com or follow him on Twitter @ThePumpkinGeek. All of Wer's designs can ship worldwide, and are completely customizable.

*Disclaimer: A corded tool, such as the Dremel 200, should never be used on a real pumpkin, as only cordless rotary tool models are used for this purpose