Tool Review: Charles & Hudson Fires Up Butane Tools

Recently, Timothy from Charles and Hudson tried out the Dremel VersaFlame and VersaTip, multi-purpose butane torches that are perfect to have on hand for a variety of applications.

Dremel Butane Torch

Timothy began his review with a quick overview of the VersaFlame (Model 2200-01). This 9-piece kit is equipped with a torch that reaches temperatures of 1022°F – 2192°F and can burn for up to 75 minutes. Timothy stated, "Anytime you need instant heat, you just fire it up and it's ready to go." The VersaFlame is versatile and can be used around the house or on the jobsite.

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Dremel Portable Soldering Iron

Additionally, Timothy tapped into the Dremel VersaTip (Model 2000-01), a cordless butane soldering torch perfect for projects that require precision and versatility. The VersaTip is a compact torch with temperatures from 1022°F – 2192°F with a burn time up to 75 minutes. This 14-piece kit is perfect for soldering, melting, hot cutting, welding, shrinking, pyrography, and paint removal. Most impressed by the fact that the tool is cordless, Timothy noted that he liked the ease of control the VersaTip provides users.

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