How To Unclog The Extruder On Your 3D45

Depending on your clog, one of the following 3 solutions could fix your problem. Please try options 1-3 before moving onto option 4 which is the most involved. If at any point your issue is resolved then there is no need to complete the remaining steps.

Tools Required:

  1. Unclog Tool
  2. Brush
  3. Scissors
  4. Pliers
  5. 2mm Hex Bit or Hex Wrench (Allen Key)
  6. 2.5mm Hex Bit or Hex Wrench (Allen Key)
  7. T10 Torx Bit or Screwdriver 

Option 1: Purge the Filament

Pre-heat the extruder, go to Tools/Pre-heat. Wait until theextruder reaches the recommended temperature for your filament then click on purge when the icons turns green. Check for filament extruding. If there is no filament coming out please proceed to next step.

Unclogging Extruder

Option 2: Pull Filament

Go to pre-heat, wait until the extruder temperature reaches the recommended temperature for your filament. Grab the filament end that is available with the pliers, push on the side lever in the extruder to release tension on the filament and pull the filament at the same time with pliers.

Unclogging Extruder

Option 3: Push Filament

1. Remove the three screws holding the servo motor bracket in place with a T10 Torx (star) bit.

2. Get a visual understanding of how the leveling arm is located and oriented in the assembly, rotate the leveling arm to vertical position (see Figure 10), and then pull the servo motor assembly vertically upwards away from the extruder.

Option 3
Option 3
Option 3
Option 3
Option 3
Option 3

Option 4: Check for Clogs in the Extruder

It is possible for filament to get stuck on the stepper motor, or to have a buildup of filament on the stepper motor drive gear (gear used to move filament through the extruder). To clean up the stepper motor drive gear, it is required to disassemble the extruder. Follow the instructions below to disassembly your extruder and clean the stepper motor gear. Follow the instructions below to dissassemble your extruder and clean the stepper motor gear.

Step 1: Bring your Printer to Safe State

Turn your printer off and unplug the printer

a. Turn on the printer, and verify that the temperature icon reads cool (see thermometer icon empty), if it is not cool (full thermometer), allow adequate time for the nozzle and bed to cool.

b. Turn off the printer and unplug the printer

Step 2: Remove the Top Cover of the Extruder

a. Cut the filament just before the intake on the top of the extruder.

b. Remove screw located on the right side of the hole using the T10 Torx screwdriver. The first picture below shows the location of the screw, the second picture a bottom view of the area where the screw is located, circled in red is the screw that needs to be removed.

c. Unscrew the two screws on the top of the filament guide bracket using the 2.5mm bit or Hex wrench.

d. Remove the top cover.

e. Carefully unplug filament run out switch from the extruder circuit board, ensuring to pull from the plastic plug and not the wires; pulling the wires can damage the connection to the extruder. Please see picture below.

Step 3: Removing the Extruder Motor

a. Disconnect the white extruder terminal block from the extruder connector as shown in the picture below. Ensure to grab the block and avoid pinching the wires.

b. Unscrew the two motor screws below using the Torx screwdriver, as shown in the picture below. Please ensure that the screws once fully unscrewed, should still be left inserted in the extruder chassis hole.

c. Pull the extruder motor assembly away from the printer (vertically) as shown in the picture below.

Step 4: Cleaning the Stepper Gear

There might be filament residue in your stepper motor gear, use your brush to clean the gear of the stepper motor.

Step 5: Replace Extruder Motor

a. Place the extruder motor on the chassis. Extruder motor screw holes should line up with holes in the chassis.

b. Tighten the two hex screws with 2.5mm Hex wrench. Refer picture under Step 3b.

c. Plug in the white terminal block on the extruder connector as shown in picture under Step 3a (encircled).

Step 6: Replace Top Cover

a. Attach the filament runout switch wires of the cover to the extruder circuit board. Refer picture under Step 2d.

b. Place the new top cover over the extruder. c. Replace the two 2mm screws onto the cover. Refer picture under Step 2c.

Step 7: Test the Machine

a. Plug in and turn on the 3D45.

b. Navigate to “Filament? and follow the on screen instructions to load filament.

c. Build a file on the machine to ensure the 3D45 printer is working correctly.

Option 4
Option 4
Option 4
Option 4
Option 4
Option 4