Camera Replacement

Tools Required:

1. T10 Torx (star) screwdriver

Step 1: Bring Printer To Safe State

Allow the build plate and nozzle to cool down below 60 degrees C before handling. To ensure this, using the touchscreen go to tools, preheat, then select pause on both nozzle temperature, and platform temperature icons. Allow the temperature to drop below 60 degrees C on both nozzle and platform. The build platform may take up to 20 minutes to cool down to a safe temperature.

Step 2: Remove the Camera from Printer

a. Locate the camera in the printer (Figure 1).

b. Remove the screw located on the top left side of the camera using the T10 Torx screwdriver (Figure 2a and 2b). Remove the screw in the yellow circle.

c. Pull the cameraoutwards to unplug the USB connection (Figure 3)

Camera Replacement

Step 3: Reassemble the Camera

a. Plug the camera back into the printer. Refer to Figure 3 above.

b. Replace the screw using the T10 Torx screwdriver, securing the camera to the printer. Refer to Figure 2a and 2b.