Applying Glue to the Build Plate

It is important to ensure that the 3D45 build platform is covered with Dremel specified glue before each build. A properly maintained glue layer helps parts adhere to the build plate during prints and prevents warping and curling, especially in large prints. You should apply a layer of glue every 1-3 prints. When you apply glue, make sure you apply it to the whole area of the bed where the part will print. Make sure that the build plate is cool before removing it or applying glue.

Each time you apply glue, make sure to apply two overlapping layers. You can apply the glue to the perimeter of the print area first (1), and then zigzag up and down while overlapping over the entire area (2).

Wait for 10 seconds and then apply another layer zigzagging left to right (3). This ensures a uniform layer over the entire build area. Allow the glue to dry before leveling or starting a print. Preheating the build plate can help speed up this process. Every 7-10 glue applications, or if the glue layer becomes uneven, you should completely clean the build platform. You can do this in one of two ways.

Glue Application

Option 1:

Remove the build platform from the printer. Wet the platform in water, by holding it under warm water for a few seconds. Make sure not to get the warning label on the front of the build plate wet. After that, you should easily be able to scrape or wipe the glue off. Make sure the build platform is completely dry before putting it back in the 3D45.

Option 2:

Remove the build platform from the printer. Use the scraper to scrape the glue off the entire surface of the build plate. You can scrape from left to right and then from up to down to ensure that all the glue has been removed. Make sure to remove the build platform from the printer before scraping as glue dust can get sucked into the filter and clog it.

Apply two full layers of glue to the clean build plate allowing the first layer to dry in-between. Once the second layer has dried, re-level the platform before starting your next print.