Laser Seems to Be Weaker

1) Clean Parts

Make sure your lens, mirrors, and beam combiner lens are clean. Clean parts regularly (every four to five hours of lasering) to ensure maximum performance.

2) Check Mirror Alignment

Perform a 4 corner test,after approximately 20 hours of lasering, to ensure that your mirrors are properly aligned. If not, then align your mirrors to improve the laser output.

3) Check Beam Combiner

Beam combiner could be loose. See if it wiggles when you touch it. If so, hold it into place and tighten the white plastic screws.

4) Check Laser Tube

If the mirrors are aligned and clean, and the lens’ are clean and you’re still noticing decreased output performance, your laser tube maybe need to be replaced. Note that the tube will not suddenly stop working, but as the gases inside start to degrade, you’ll notice that the output gets weaker and weaker over time.

If none of the above resolve the issue, contact Customer Service at 1-844-437-6533.