Software or Touchscreen is Frozen

1) Browser Problem

Refresh your web browser to see if that solves the issue. Double check to make sure your browser is up to date. Outdated browsers can cause software issues.

2) Connection Problem

Most software problems are caused by a loss of connection. Validate that your computer and laser are both connected to the same network and/or the Ethernet cable hasn’t come unplugged, or the wireless router has not shut off.

3) Hardware Problem

Restart the machine by turning the laser off, waiting a few seconds, then back on. Once the laser starts back up, refresh your web browser.

4) Software Problem

Check for updates through your laser’s touchscreen under the Tools menu. Update to the most recent software version where applicable.

5) If Problem Persists

If none of the above resolve the issue, contact Customer Service at 1-844-437-6533.