What to Do if Too Much Smoke is Coming from Your Laser Cutter?

If you are seeing or smelling too much smoke, this could be caused by a number of issues. Run through the checklist below to diagnose and fix this issue:

1) Check Material Settings

Double check that the correct material is selected in your material library or that your settings are what you meant to select. Having the power and/or heat too high can cause a lot of smoke

2) Check Material Compatibility

Not all materials are good and/or acceptablefor laser cutting and engraving. Moisture, finishes, different types of glues, and material composition can create a lot of smoke.

3) Check for Loose or Kinked Ducts

Double check that your ducts are securely connected at both ends. Smoke may be escaping if not secured properly. Also, verify that there are no kinks in your ducts.

4) Make Sure You're Not Opening the Lid Too Soon

Try waiting a few seconds after the job finishes to open the lid. This helps the ventilation system remove extra smoke from the laser.

5) Make Sure you're Not Stacking Materials

If you’ve stacked several layers of materials, or if your material naturally has layers, this could be preventing your ventilation system from working properly. Always use a single piece of material.

6) Check to See if the Laser is Not Focused

Verify that your laser head is properly focused.

7) Check for Material Inconsistency

Most materials have inconsistencies across a single piece. Knots in wood, holes/gaps in the material, changes in density, and patches of glue are just some of the examples that could cause smoke.

8) Check the Ventilation System for Issues

If none of the above is working, make sure that you don't have any ventilation system issues before continuing to #9.

9) Get an Additional Ventilation System like a Booster Fan or BOFA Filter

If none of the above help, it’s possible that due to your material and/or environmental settings you may need an additional ventilation system like a Booster Fan or BOFA Filter to help pull the smoke out.