Dremel® EZ Lock™ Cutting Kit and Dremel 75-Piece Accessory Kit Available

MOUNT PROSPECT, Ill., April 23, 2008 – Consumers have no need to feel overwhelmed when browsing the rotary tool accessory aisle. The new Dremel® EZ Lock™ Cutting Kit and Dremel 75-Piece Accessory Kit provide Dremel users with the most essential rotary tool accessories. The new kits offer added value compared to purchasing Dremel accessories individually.

“By packaging useful accessories together, consumers will be able to increase the potential use of their Dremel rotary tools,” says Reggie Levy, Dremel associate product manager. “Purchasing a kit takes the guesswork out of accessory shopping, and also provides convenience and savings.”

Dremel EZ Lock Cutting Kit

Since its inception in 2006, the Dremel EZ Lock Mandrel System has offered users quick, effortless accessory changes that are as simple as pull, twist and release, eliminating the need for a screw and screwdriver. The EZ Lock Cutting Kit is an 11-piece set, which features three different cutting wheels, along with the EZ402 EZ Lock Mandrel. The kit contains four EZ456 Metal Cut-off Wheels that last twice as long compared to the previous No. 426 Reinforced Cut-off Wheel. Also included are three EZ409 Thin Cut Wheels and three EZ476 Plastic Cutting Wheels.

The cutting task-oriented accessory kit is packaged in a reusable storage box that snaps into designated areas on select Dremel storage cases and can be are easily removed to travel wherever users are working on projects. The EZ Lock Cutting Kit (model EZ688-01) is available in July 2008 at most hardware stores and home improvement centers nationwide for a suggested retail price of $19.99, for a $20.00 overall savings from when the pieces are purchased separately.

Dremel 75-Piece Accessory Kit

The 75-Piece Accessory Kit features 75 assorted accessories in an embossed accessory storage tin. Included in the tin is an assortment of cutting, cleaning, polishing, grinding, sharpening, sanding, carving and engraving accessories – to help with any project that might pop up around the house. The kit also includes a storage box with snap-tight lid to organize the accessories. The 75-Piece Accessory Kit (model 707-01) is available now at Wal-Mart and in additional retail locations in August 2008 for a suggested retail price of $14.99, a $35.00 savings from when the pieces are purchased separately.

About Dremel

Since inventing the high-speed rotary tool more than 75 years ago, Dremel has become the trusted name in high-speed rotary tool technology, providing creative solutions for hands-on professionals, homeowners, craftspeople and artists alike. The Dremel brand’s leadership in design and manufacturing has made it the top selling rotary tool in the world, a reflection of the company’s commitment to innovation and quality.

Today, as a wholly owned subsidiary of the Robert Bosch Tool Corporation in Mount Prospect, Ill., Dremel continues to build upon this legacy with a full line of high-performance rotary tools, benchtop products, specialty tools, accessories and attachments, delivering the perfect solution for almost any job. Regardless of what the task may be, users quickly realize they can depend on Dremel to provide the satisfaction of a job well done.

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