The Latest Rotary Tools Offer Crafting Project Ideas for Springtime Excitement

MOUNT PROSPECT, Ill., March 28, 2006 — Spring is here and there's no better way for kids to beat the winter blues than with exciting, new craft projects. From one-of-a-kind jewelry creation to fun and educational board games, Dremel rotary tools are transforming ho- hum springtime activities into family-friendly projects the whole family can enjoy.

“Spring break is the perfect time to experiment with new craft ideas to keep the family both happy and busy,” said Andrea Ash, director of marketing communications, Dremel. “With proper parent supervision and the right Dremel tool, families can enjoy exciting projects that are simple and fun.”


Help your children bust winter boredom and create long-lasting memories with unique jewelry design projects. Using the new Dremel Stylus™, turn extra board game pieces into masterpieces that kids can wear all-day long or make to share with their friends. Launched this March, the Dremel Stylus is the ideal tool for jewelry creation as it brings precision and control to the palm of your hand. Its pencil grip design and Lithium-ion technology makes jewelry design quick and easy.

To begin, have your son or daughter select a series of letter tiles (such as Scrabble® tiles) to spell their name or a favorite phrase they'd like to display on a custom necklace or bracelet. Work with them to double-check the spelling! After choosing the tiles, carefully secure each piece to a vise either lengthwise or width-wise. Depending on the size hole you want to drill, use the #628 Dremel drill set to drill a hole through the side of the tile, being careful to center the hole on the tile (depending on the piece of jewelry you are creating, you may want to drill the hole in different locations for alternative designs and tile layout). Secure one end of a jewelry clasp (found at a local arts and crafts store) to beading wire and let your child string their name or phrase together, adding multi-colored beads for extra decoration. Secure the other end of the clasp to the finished necklace or bracelet. The drilled tiles can also be used to adorn picture frames or string in scrapbooks.


Go Fish will be a game of the past when your family creates a personalized cribbage board this spring. A centuries-old classic card game, cribbage is a great addition to any family road trip. To start the project, parents should carefully trace the cribbage hole pattern onto a piece of wood with the Dremel 400 Series XPR. A lesson in functional simplicity, the board consists of four columns of 15 holes each for a total of 60 holes. The rows should be broken into groups of five to allow for easy scoring. With a drill bit that matches the size of the cribbage pegs, drill the holes onto the wood. With a variety of speeds, the Dremel XPR allows flexibility and control, making drilling or engraving on the cribbage board seamless. Keeping a light touch, letting the speed of the Dremel XPR do the work. Try using the new Dremel Work Station, in stores this March, to make drilling accurate holes a breeze!

Once the cribbage pattern is complete, use a cloth to wipe off the wood shavings. Children can personalize the game board with paint or decorative accessories. When the decorating is done, lacquer the board to provide the finishing touch and protective layer. After the board is dry, grab a deck of cards and a set of cribbage pegs (available at local retail stores) and teach your family how to play. This centuries-old card game will prove to be a family game- night favorite and a great way to improve counting skills whether at home or on the road.

Don’t let the creativity stop here. Come up with unique, inventive games and springtime activities of your own. For more suggestions, visit the newly re-designed Dremel Web site at www.dremel.com.

Remember, when using power tools, parents should work with the tools and let their kids help with the design and decoration of the project. Protective eyewear is always recommended.

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