Dremel® Survey Finds More Men Than Women Feel Home Improvement Projects Strengthen Relationships

Dremel® Survey Finds More Men Than Women Feel Home Improvement Projects Strengthen Relationships

MOUNT PROSPECT, Ill. – October 4, 2007 – The family that builds bookshelves together stays together – at least as far as the man of the house is concerned. According to the recent Dremel “Do-It-Yourself” (DIY) Index Survey, a surprisingly high percentage of men – 44 percent – believe that working on home improvement projects with another family member strengthens the relationship, while only 31 percent of women feel the same way.

“When people think of family activities, they’re much more likely to think of a card game or game of catch in the back yard instead of working on a project together, like building a tree house or fixing a squeaky door,” said Beverly DeJulio, host of Handy Ma’am® and known as the first lady of home improvement™. “The survey reveals that men perceive home repair projects to be self- satisfying and want to share the experiences with family members.”

DeJulio herself finds home improvement to be a great activity for men and women alike. When her family members – which now include grown children, their spouses and grandchildren – visit one another, they make a point to help each other with whatever needs to be done around the house.

“Working on projects together has created a special bond between our family members and fabulous memories that we still look back on and sometimes laugh about,” noted DeJulio.

DeJulio, a 30- year veteran of the DIY industry, offers some simple tips on how a family can work together on their next at-home project:

  • Be prepared! Decide who’s the “captain” of the team. The captain needs knowledge of the project, so do your research and read the directions.
  • Take turns being the team “doer” and “gofer.” Let the doer work on his or her favorite part of a project while the gofer assists in any way possible, such as fetching supplies. Big ground rules: the gofer should never criticize the doer. Instead, be thankful there’s someone to do the project. The doer should also appreciate the gofer, because it takes a lot more time to do a project alone.
  • Listen to everyone’s thoughts about the project. Even inexperienced team members can offer a different perspective that just may help the project get accomplished more efficiently.
  • Gather tools and materials before you’re ready to start. If the project requires a trip to the store, make a list and go as a team.
  • If you are working with your children, make sure their tasks are age appropriate and all feel equally involved. They enjoy helping mom and dad and get a strong sense of accomplishment when the project is finished. For safety, be sure to supervise children when working with tools.

“At-home projects – from crafts and home repair to hands-on school projects that everyone participates in – can offer a unique bonding experience,” says DeJulio. “Enjoy and appreciate that special time with your family. The time spent together will not only make memories, but will also strengthen family relationships for years to come.”

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