The Dremel Work Station Enhances Project Excellence and Efficiency in the Workshop or At-Home-Crafting Studio

MT. PROSPECT, Ill., April 3, 2006 — Dremel Tools is announcing the debut of the Dremel Work Station™, a three in one attachment that offers versatility and functionality to every workspace.  Featuring an unrivaled combination of tool features, the new Dremel Work Station integrates three different functions into one convenient attachment, helping users focus on the project at hand. Grouping a drill press, stationary tool holder and flex shaft tool holder together, this easy-to-use work station enhances project quality and productivity while simplifying applications such as precision drilling, delicate polishing and wood carving.


“Whether a woodworker, do-it-yourselfer or craftsman, the Dremel Work Station offers users convenience and added flexibility,” said Andrea Ash, Dremel director of marketing communications. “It is the ultimate workspace tool for users looking to increase project control and flexibility. With the Dremel Work Station, the Dremel rotary tool gains even more functionality.”

Drill Press

The Dremel Work Station’s stationary drill press transforms the Dremel rotary tool into a quick solution for any drilling needs. The drill press provides users with exact control and alignment for accurate drilling while an easy-to-read depth gauge and depth stop allow users to precisely control drilling depths of up to two inches. The perfect addition to any workbench, the Dremel Work Station is readily available for everyday projects. The drill press also features an articulating head, which will allow users to drill perpendicular and angled holes in 15-degree increments up to 90 degrees horizontal. The “Crow’s Nest,” provides on-board storage for easy access to accessories, wrenches and Dremel drill bits and the durable die cast aluminum base has mounting holes so it can be easily secured to the workbench.

Stationary Tool Holder

The Dremel Work Station’s stationary tool holder is perfect for delicate projects that require a light touch or projects such as grinding, polishing or sanding that often require the materials be brought up to the tool. Its simple design provides a secure fit for any Dremel rotary tool with a threaded nosepiece without the complication of clamps or adapter rings. The tool holder also rotates at 15-degree increments up to a 90-degree horizontal position for accurate alignment during use.

Flex Shaft Tool Holder

The Dremel (#225) Flex Shaft attachment (sold separately) adds fingertip control for polishing, wood carving, sanding, engraving and more. The flex shaft tool holder feature on the Dremel Work Station provides the perfect location to suspend the Dremel rotary tool above the workbench while the Flex Shaft is connected. Featuring a telescoping post, the attachment is adjustable to varying heights between 16 and 29 inches, which allows for easy placement for any number of projects.

With its increased adaptability, the Work Station is more than an ordinary workshop accessory – it is a 3-in-1 tool that simplifies any project, making it the perfect solution for your at-home needs. The Dremel Work Station retails for $44.99. The Dremel Work Station is available at most hardware and home improvement centers nationwide beginning March 2006.

About Dremel

Since inventing the high-speed rotary tool more than 70 years ago, Dremel has become the trusted name in high-speed rotary tool technology, providing creative solutions for hands-on professionals, homeowners, craftspeople and artists alike. Dremel’s leadership in design and manufacturing has made it the top selling rotary tool in the world, a reflection of the company’s commitment to innovation and quality.

Today, as a wholly owned subsidiary of the Robert Bosch Tool Corporation in Mt. Prospect, Ill., Dremel continues to build upon this legacy with a full line of high-performance rotary tools, benchtop products, specialty tools, accessories and attachments, delivering the perfect solution for almost any job. Regardless of what the task may be, users quickly realize they can depend on Dremel to provide the satisfaction of a job well done and done well.

For information on Dremel products, project ideas and problem-solving tips, visit us at or call Dremel at 1-800-437-3635.

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