Upcycling pieces of slate into stylish coasters using Dremel Multi-Tool


If you’d like to lead a sustainable and stylish life, upcycling is the way to go. Instantly add flair to your home by revamping preloved items with the help of your Dremel tools.

Toy animals become coat rack

Toy Animal Coat Rack

Watch how toy animals are turned into a fun coat rack in this inspiring video.

Grab your router tools and turn a chopping board into a wireless phone charger

Turn a Chopping Board into a Wireless Phone Charger

Take inspiration from our step-by-step tutorial and turn something old into something new. All you need is your Dremel, and a few router bits.

Turn a salad bowl into a pendant lamp

Turn a Salad Bowl into a Pendant Lamp

Searching for your next engraving challenge? See how an everyday salad bowl is transformed into a unique pendant lamp.

Discover how to upcycle an old chair into a chic towel rack and bathroom shelf

Upcycle a Chair into a Towel Rack

Get your tools and sanding equipment and breathe new life into an old chair.

How to make an upcycled wooden coat rack

Upcycled Wooden Coat Rack

Upside-down wooden hangers make an eye-catching coat rack for the hall.

Upcycle PVC pipes into column lights

PVC Lights

Have a small space you'd like to illuminate? Upcycle PVC pipes into column lights to add a soft glow to any space.

How to make an Organic Waste Bin

Organic Waste Bin

With a saucepan or a waste bin and the right tools you can install this useful kitchen appliance yourself in next to no time.

Upcycling project: turn an old wire basket into a stylish sidetable using your cleaning and polishing tools.

Turn a Wire Basket into a Sidetable

Delve into this inspirational upcycling project and transform an old wire basket into a smart sidetable with your Dremel Rotary Tool.

How to recycle a pallet for a multi-functional table

Reclaimed Table

Repurpose a pallet into a multifunctional table.

How to re-use old baskets for outdoor basket lights

Basket Lights

Re-use old baskets to create a cozy look to your outdoor hang-out!

How to create your shabby chic chandelier

Kitchen Cutlery Chandelier

Create a shabby chic kitchen chandelier using old kitchen utensils.

How to Start

Learn the basics of engraving, cutting, routing, sanding, cleaning and polishing.

How to get started with engraving

A Beginner's Guide to Engraving

In our handy beginner’s guide, we run you through everything from picking the right materials to the Dremel accessories that go with them, so you can start your engraving journey in no time.

How to start cleaning and polishing

How to Start Cleaning and Polishing

In this beginner’s guide, you’ll learn everything you need to start cleaning and polishing in no time!

Beginner’s guide to cutting.

A Beginner's Guide to Cutting

Whether you want to cut holes in drywall or make a planter box, Dremel’s cutting tools will take you there. In our handy beginner’s guide to cutting, we’ll run you through the basics and you’ll be improving your home in no time.

Discover the basics of sanding and prepare for your next DIY project

A Beginner's Guide to Detail Sanding

In our handy beginner’s guide to sanding, you will learn all the basics needed to become a master in no time.

Beginner’s guide to routing with the Dremel Multi-Tool

A Beginner's Guide to Routing

Looking to try your hand at improving or decorating your home and creating handy gadgets? Well, you’re certainly in the right place. Follow our step-by-step beginner’s guide and learn everything you need to know to get started routing.

Tips and Tricks

Working on a new upcycling project and eager to improve your skills? These guides will help you along the way.

Avoid failures during your precision DIY projects

Tips and Tricks for Using Your Dremel Rotary Tool

No matter how long you’ve been working with Dremel’s rotary tools, there’s no such thing as too many tips. Here’s a list of the best ways to avoid some of the most common mistakes you’ll come across in the workshop.

Sanding tips: learn how to avoid failures on your next DIY project

Tips and Tricks for Sanding

Follow our guide to avoid the most common mistakes people make when sanding. Learn what to do and not to do before you begin, and you’ll have smooth surfaces in no time!

Avoiding failures while cleaning and polishing.

Tips and Tricks for Cleaning and Polishing

Cleaning and polishing are all about the finer details. Whether you’re removing rust from a household item or polishing silver valuables, you want to get it just right. Follow our complete guide to help you avoid common mishaps, and save time while you clean or polish.

How to Master

After watching these tutorials, you'll be ready to take on any upcycling project.

This masterclass guides you through the more advanced aspects of sanding.

How to Master Sanding

Watch this sanding tutorial by craftswoman Laura Anna Abelli and learn how to master several sanding techniques on wood and metal.

Routing masterclass by Peter Heuveling

How to Become a Routing Master

Watch a master at work! Peter Heuveling explains which router bits to use, how to handle the Dremel Plunge Router and much more.