This wooden balcony bar is an instant urban garden upgrade and it’s easy to make with Dremel

Urban Garden

Transform even the smallest of outdoor spaces into an urban garden to be proud of. Whether your space is a patio, balcony or patch of grass, Dremel will help you maximize its potential with these inspiring urban gardening projects.

How to upcyle wooden crates into a BBQ side table

How to Upcycle Wooden Crates into a BBQ Side Table

Take a peek at Dremel’s simple DIY tutorial on how to upcycle a few wooden crates into a BBQ side table – perfect for any garden.

Dremel plant

Garden Markers

Add a personal touch to your garden by engraving your own plant markers.

More Urban Gardening Projects

How to make a wind chime

Wind Chimes

Upcycle items around the house to make a whimsical wind chime.

Dremel garden stakes

How to Make Garden Stakes

Add some character and organization to your garden by creating these custom garden stakes!

Recycling a coconut shell to create a hanging planter it's a real pleasure with the Dremel Multi-Tool

Upcycle a Coconut Shell into a Plant Hanger

Discover how to upcycle a coconut shell into a DIY hanging planter with the help of this video and your dependable Dremel rotary tool.

Sharp garden shears are better for your plants and kinder to your muscles too

How to Sharpen Garden Shears

Explore this easy-to-follow, practical guide on how to sharpen your garden shears using a Dremel rotary tool.

How to re-use old baskets for outdoor basket lights

Basket Lights

Re-use old baskets to create a cozy look to your outdoor hang-out!

How to create terracotta painted pots

Terracotta Painted Pots

Add a personal touch to your garden space by potting your plants in a custom decorated terracotta pot.

How to add ambiance to your outdoor party with a personal fireplace

Personal Fireplace

Add some ambiance to your outdoor party with a personal fireplace.

How to create a window and increase the size of your balcony

Create a Decorative 'Window' for Your Balcony

Add a touch of glamour and make your balcony look bigger with this decorative feature.

How to cut and fit trellis to a courtyard garden

Cutting and Fitting Trellis to a Courtyard Garden

Why not make something beautiful out of a small bare paved courtyard? Add some tiling, a raised flowerbed, some pots and a painted trellis!

How to create a fruit and vegetable wall

Create a Fruit and Vegetable Wall

Follow this Dremel project to create a structure to conveniently place your plants in and create a fruit and vegetable wall.

How to Start Urban Gardening

Learn how to perform these basic DIY skills using your Dremel rotary tool and your next urban gardening project will be off to a great start.

How to get started with engraving

A Beginner's Guide to Engraving

In our handy beginner’s guide, we run you through everything from picking the right materials to the Dremel accessories that go with them, so you can start your engraving journey in no time.

Beginner’s guide to cutting.

A Beginner's Guide to Cutting

Whether you want to cut holes in drywall or make a planter box, Dremel’s cutting tools will take you there. In our handy beginner’s guide to cutting, we’ll run you through the basics and you’ll be improving your home in no time.

Discover the basics of sanding and prepare for your next DIY project

A Beginner's Guide to Detail Sanding

In our handy beginner’s guide to sanding, you will learn all the basics needed to become a master in no time.

How to start cleaning and polishing

How to Start Cleaning and Polishing

In this beginner’s guide, you’ll learn everything you need to start cleaning and polishing in no time!

Grinding and sharpening tips for beginners

How to Start Grinding and Sharpening

Grinding and sharpening are skills that’ll come in handy in most DIY projects. Start learning these skills with the help of this Dremel guide.

Tips and Tricks for Urban Gardening

Full of ideas on how to decorate your balcony or patio, but afraid of making rookie mistakes? Have a look at these articles for some useful advice.

Avoid failures during your precision DIY projects

Tips and Tricks for Using Your Dremel Rotary Tool

No matter how long you’ve been working with Dremel’s rotary tools, there’s no such thing as too many tips. Here’s a list of the best ways to avoid some of the most common mistakes you’ll come across in the workshop.

Sanding tips: learn how to avoid failures on your next DIY project

Tips and Tricks for Sanding

Follow our guide to avoid the most common mistakes people make when sanding. Learn what to do and not to do before you begin, and you’ll have smooth surfaces in no time!