Dremel maker Justin Brooker


Justin Brooker is the owner and operator of Machina Designs, specialising in timeless and one off engraving pieces for almost every industry imaginable. He first brought a Dremel 4000 8 years ago, which he still uses till this date.

United Kingdom
Custom Hand Engraver
4 years
Favorite tool:
Dremel 4000 and Dremel Flexible Shaft

Get to know Justin Brooker

Want to learn more about Justin and the hand engraving work he does? Take a look at these videos to get to know Justin better. He tells you tips on the types of material to use and best techniques to achieve intricate and personal engraved projects

Engraved glass mug by Justin Booker using Dremel tools and Dremel accessories

Want to engrave a design on a mug?

To recreate a design on a curved surface simply place the artwork inside the mug and trace on the outside of the glass. Make sure to use diamond tipped engraving points to achieve a smooth finish.

Project Ideas

Take a look at some of the engravings Justin has completed and get some inspiration for your own projects!

Filigree engraving a engine by Justin Booker using Dremel tools and Dremel accessories

Freehand filigree engraving

  • First lay down the initial outlines of engraving onto the aluminum engine case to give you a guide
  • You can use a Dremel Filigree engraving a engine by Justin Booker using Dremel tools and Dremel accessoriesMulti-Tool such as the 3000 with the motor speed set between 20,000 and 25,000 RPM
  • Use it along with the Dremel Flexible Shaft attachment to get into those hard to reach places along with a variety of cutting burrs
  • Patience is key, along with a steady and well controlled hand
  • Practise your designs before doing your final engraving
Engraving a portrait on aluminium using Dremel Multi-Tool and Dremel accessories


  • Select a piece of artwork and draw your outline on an aluminium sheet
  • Take a Dremel Multi- Tool such as the 4000 or 4300 with the Dremel Flexible Shaft to give you the freedom of movement and carry less weight
  • Use a variety of cutting burrs to engrave your design
  • Keep the original artwork for reference and visualise your finished piece
  • Have a selection of cutting burrs ready for shading different areas which may have different levels of detail

Used Products/Tools

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