Christmas Branch Wreath

How to create your Christmas branch wreath

Christmas is just around the corner. Time to fetch the Christmas tree ornaments from the attic and consider how best to decorate your own four walls for the festive season. Wreaths are always a good idea. They look good both on the front door and around the home. Let us show you how can make a festive Christmas decoration in next to no time in a few easy steps with the right tools.

You need
  • Set square
  • Binding wire
  • Pencil
  • Paint spray can
  • White branches
  • Ribbon
  • Medium-density fiberboard 1/10" thick
  • About 50 small Christmas ornaments
  • Low Temperature Glue Stick & High Temperature Glue Stick
L: Length, W: Width, H: Height, D: Diameter
Step 1 6
Fix branches unobtrusively with wire at regular intervals

Buy branches that have been colored white to make an attractive wreath or spray paint branches that you have collected white. Bundle them and bend them carefully into a wreath. Then fix them unobtrusively with wire at regular intervals.

Step 2 6
Draw a star on a sheet of wood

Draw a star on a sheet of wood using a set square and a pencil. How? You superimpose two equilateral triangles on each other. Each has an angle of 60°. The apex of the first triangle points upward and the superimposed one points downward.

Step 3 6
Using Dremel Multi-Tool and cutting wheel SC544 to cut out star

If the hexagram, as the equilateral six-pointed star is also known, is a success, sawing is the next step. Use the Dremel® 4200 and the EZ Speedclic woodcutting wheel SC 544 to cut off the extra wood along the pencil line.

Step 4 6
Using Dremel Multi-Tool and drill bit 636 drill a hole in star

Put a 1/4" wood drill (636) bit in your Dremel® 4200, which thanks to the EZ Change quick switch system does not involve using a wrench or spanner. Drill a hole between two sharp points of your star. You will use it later to fix the star in the wreath.

Step 5 6
Spray paint the star red on both sides and allow to dry

Spray paint the star red on both sides and allow it to dry. Write your Christmas greeting - Merry Christmas, for instance - on the star. Run the ribbon through the hole you drilled and make it just long enough for the star to hang in the center of the wreath.

Step 6 6
Using Dremel Glue Gun and glue sticks GG02 to add Christmas tree ornaments

Use your Dremel® Glue Gun and gluesticks GG02 to add the final decorative highlights to your wreath by gluing a few mini Christmas tree ball ornaments to it at regular intervals. Wait till the hot plastic has cooled down and hang up the wreath with the star in the middle - Merry Christmas!


To reduce the risk of injury user must read instruction manuals for all tools used in this project. Wear eye and respiratory protection. Use clamps to support work piece whenever practical.