Circular Hanging Lamp

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Create a hanging lamp that provides light and character to any space. Simple and easy to put together, this lamp is great way to explore the possibilities of what you can create with you laser.

You need
  • No tools needed
  • No utilities needed
  • 8 Sheets 1/8th inch thick wood or acrylic
  • 1 Corded socket with built in switch
L: Length, W: Width, H: Height, D: Diameter

Step By Step Instructions

Step 1 7

Download Files

Step 1

Download the laser cut / engrave file from this page by using the download button above.

Step 2 7

Purchase Supplies

Step 2

Besides for the materials needed for cutting, you will also need some external hardware for this project. Something like the below link is recommended. It is a corded socket that comes with a built in switch, and some extra hooks for hanging and cord management. (here)

Step 3 7

Unzip and Import

Step 3

Unzip the contents of the .zip folder containing all of the cut and engrave files. It’s easiest to save all of these files to another common folder so that all your work is one place. The work space capture feature isn’t necessary if whole sheets are being used, but you may still use this feature if you like. Place the cut files on your materials as desired. Do not resize the cut files to avoid inconsistencies when assembling. Resizing one element can lead to difficulties assembling the final project.

Step 4 7

Cut Materials

Step 4

After placing the files on your work piece, select your chosen material from the material library at 1/8 inch thickness, and send your luggage tag to the laser by clicking “start” in the software. Go to your laser to run the job. File names to cut and number of pieces needed: • “Hanging_Lamp_Top.PDF” x 1 • “Hanging_Lamp_Bottom.PDF” x 1 • “Wing_1.PDF” x 3 • “Wing_2.PDF” x 3

Step 5 7

Organize Your Materials

Step 5
Step 5

At this point it is a good idea to check and make sure that you have cut all of the pieces necessary for assembly. You should have 2 round pieces, one of the top of the fixture and one of the bottom as shown below in acrylic: You should also have 36 of the fins that go in between the top and bottom fixtures of the lamp. There are different versions of them but one of them is shown below:

Step 6 7


Step 6
Step 6

Begin inserting the fins into the top and bottom rings using the slots on the rings and the fins as guides. You can put them in any order that you wish, so play around with putting them in different orders and see what you like. The fit should be snug enough to hold your fins into place, but glue can be used for additional support if desired. After assembling the lamp, you’ll need to combine the assembly with the bulb fixture, as shown in the second picture. If you purchased the recommended product, follow these easy steps: remove collar, place fixture hold, reattach collar from inside of lamp, and screw in your bulb.

Step 7 7

Hanging Your Lamp

Step 7

The design of this lamp leaves plenty of room for creativity when it comes to hanging your lamp. Whatever option you chose, ensure that the system that you use to hang it can safely hold the weight of your lamp.


To reduce the risk of injury user must read instruction manuals for all tools used in this project. Wear eye and respiratory protection. Use clamps to support work piece whenever practical.