Cork Mirror
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Add a textured feel to your wall art by embellishing a frame with recycled corks!

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Step By Step Instructions



cutting the corks

You need:

Cut your corks. We used around 70 here. You can use corks you’ve saved over time as mementos or purchase them in bulk online or from craft and hobby stores. This part of the project is the most time-consuming but we found a technique that got the job done fairly quickly. Line up your corks in a vice, sticking out at varying heights. Our vice allowed us to hold 4-5 corks at a time. Secure the vice tightly (as the corks are flexible, you can make sure they are secure without damaging them). Set a Flush-Cut blade into your Multi-Max tool. Here we opted for the MM452 Wood and Metal Flush Cut Blade to use the half moon design to power through the corks quickly. Plug in your tool and set it onto high speed. Resting your blade along the top of the vice, we achieved a nice, smooth cut. Now you can use both halves of your corks to glue onto your frame!



gluing cork on mirror

You need:

Glue your corks into place. You can glue the corks directly onto your mirror or picture or around a frame. We played around with the design of our frame, laying some corks on their side, etc. We ultimately decided we liked the uniform look of all the corks facing the same way out from the frame. As corks vary in size place them around your frame first to find a fit you like before hot-gluing into place. Hang your newly embellished wall-art back up and voila! We used thumbtacks to add post cards to our frame for an extra-personal touch!