Create a sparkling summer beach sarong

How to create a sparkling summer beach sarong

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    Step By Step Instructions


    Using the steel ruler, cut organza with Dremel Versatip and 202 knife

    You need:

    Fit your Dremel VersaTip with the Cutting Knife 202 and set it to a low heat. Lay the organza fabric onto a glass surface protector. Place the steel ruler across the fabric and run the Cutting Knife along the edge of the ruler to cut a straight edge in the fabric, following the grain line. Make a second cut line to produce a strip of organza fabric 11"  wide. Turn the strip of fabric 90° and replace it on the surface protector. Lay the steel ruler on the strip of fabric parallel to the self-finished edge and cut it into narrow ribbon-like strips, 1/5" wide.


    Feed the pieces of ribbon through the sarong with needle

    You need:

    Fold a strip of organza fabric in half and thread the folded end through the eye of the needle. Pass the point of the needle through the lower edge of the sarong from the back to the front and approximately 2/5" away from the edge. Pull the folded end of the organza through the sarong fabric before removing the needle. Pass the cut ends of the organza ribbon through the loop made and pull it up snugly to the edge of the sarong. Repeat along the lower edge of the sarong to complete the fringe, spacing the ribbons approximately 2/5" apart.


    Use Dremel Versatip to fix gems onto sarong

    You need:

    Fit your Dremel VersaTip with the Hot Blower Head and set it to a low heat. Lay a section of the sarong face-up on the surface protector. Position a few of the largest hot-fix gems in the centers of random printed flowers – or as the pattern of your chosen material or sarong dictates. If you have plain fabric, create your own pattern from hot-fix gems of different sizes and colors. Being careful not to scorch the fabric, hold the Dremel VersaTip with the Hot Blower head over the gem until it fuses to the fabric. Repeat the process to decorate other areas of the sarong.


    Continue using hot blower head or soldering tip 201 to fix gems

    You need:

    With the sarong placed on the surface protector, work across it using your Dremel VersaTip with Hot Blower Head or Soldering Tip section by section several more times adding the medium and small gems to the centers of the flowers. Once again, if the Hot Blower Head risks burning the fabric, replace it with the Soldering Tip and touch the Soldering Tip to the hot fix gems to fuse them to the fabric.


    To reduce the risk of injury user must read instruction manuals for all tools used in this project. Wear eye and respiratory protection. Use clamps to support work piece whenever practical.