Create a Decorative 'Window' for Your Balcony

How to create a window and increase the size of your balcony

    Ever wanted to add a touch of glamour to your balcony with a decorative feature? Well, how about creating a 'window' to bring the outside in! See our step-by- step guide below using your new Dremel® DSM20 Compact Saw.

    You need

    Step By Step Instructions


    Measure your balcony wall and decide on dimensions of mirror

    You need:

    Measure your balcony wall, considering what you want to reflect in the 'window'. Then, decide on the dimensions of your mirror decorative wall feature. Work out the other measurements according to the size of mirror and frame you want to construct.


    Using Dremel DSM20, DSM500 and DSM840 to help cut the wood

    You need:

    Take your Dremel DSM20 compact saw with the DSM500 Multi-Purpose Cut-Off Wheel to cut the individual lengths of wood, as detailed above in our cutting list, in order to make the wooden frame for the mirror. Use the DSM840 cutting guide to assist in the cutting.


    Using Dremel Glue Gun and wood glue, glue one strip to each side of the frame

    You need:

    Use your Dremel Glue Gun and wood glue, glue and pin one x 6mm MDF strip to the underside of each side of the frame. This will create the rebate for the mirror. Fit one of each of the MDF strips flush to the edge of the wooden frame.


    Screw the backing board into the back of the frame

    You need:

    Fix the side and bottom edge of the frame to the backing board by screwing through the backing board into the back of the frame using a manual screwdriver or a powered driver and a 35mm screw.


    Slide the mirror into the rebate created within the frame

    You need:

    Slide the mirror into the rebate you have created within the frame. Repeat the process to finish the frame construction ensuring that you screw away from the mirror and rebate.


    Mark up where your hinges of the doors should go

    You need:

    Mark up where your hinges of your bought louvre doors should go e.g. 10cms from the top and again from the bottom. Mark up the corresponding places on the frame where the hinges will attach the louvre door to the frame. Do this on both sides. Rebate the hinge on the doors by 2mm using the Dremel Plunge Router Attachment 335 and the router bits 615 and 650.

    It is important to note where you are putting the hinge on over the rebate to avoid screwing through into the mirror – we used 15mm screws for the hinges allowing a clearance of 5mm.

    Take your Dremel 3000 and Sanding disc SC413 and distress the top surface

    You need:

    Finally, prime your mirror frame with white primer, make sure that you prime all the exposed edges of the MDF. Paint with exterior colour over the top and leave to dry. Take your Dremel 3000 and EZ SpeedClic sanding disc SC413 and distress the top surface so that some of the white primer shows up from underneath. Secure your mirror to the outside wall of your balcony using heavy duty picture brackets that will support a lot of weight.


    To reduce the risk of injury user must read instruction manuals for all tools used in this project. Wear eye and respiratory protection. Use clamps to support work piece whenever practical.