Create an Herb Solarium

Create an herb solarium

    Begin starter plants early this season or keep fresh herbs in your kitchen year-round with this reflective, water-retaining table-top solarium.

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    Step By Step Instructions


    Measure the dimensions of metal you will need to cut

    You need:

    Measure the dimensions of metal you will need to cut: Measure the bottom of the wooden tray, adding 1" in length and width to allow for extra lining up the tray walls. TIP: When cutting metal, wear work gloves and eye protection to avoid injury. Be sure to secure your workpiece to a tabletop with a clamp before cutting.


    Cut your metal using Dremel DSM20 and DSM510 Cutting blade

    You need:

    Cut your marked lines using the Dremel® DSM20 and DSM510 Metal Cutting Blade.


    Use A550 Comfort guard. Mark lines in all 4 corners of metal sheet

    You need:

    Mark lines in all 4 corners of the sheet metal, 1/2" from the edges and make cuts 1/2" deep. TIP: Use the A550 Comfort Guard for increased comfort from sparks. You still need to wear proper safety gear- work gloves and eye protection.


    Use edge of tabletop as guide.

    You need:

    Using the edge of your tabletop as your guide- fold 3 of the 1/2" walls of the lining to your solarium.


    Lay a piece of wood inside lining.

    You need:

    Lay a small piece of wood inside the lining to help you complete your last fold. Lay your sheet metal lining into a wooden tray. Add terracotta potted plants and water. TIP: Folding a perfect crease may be difficult. Once you have set the metal lining in your tray, you may need to pound into place using a rubber mallet.


    To reduce the risk of injury user must read instruction manuals for all tools used in this project. Wear eye and respiratory protection. Use clamps to support work piece whenever practical.