Deconstructed Wall Art

Personalized hidden message in deconstructed artwork!
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Embed a personalized hidden message in deconstructed artwork!

You need

Step 1

Measure & cut wood

You need:

To begin your project, determine the overall size you’d like your art to be. We determined our desired size to be 24" wide by 15" tall. We then cut a base on which we would mount our deconstructed pieces. Measure and mark your end dimensions on a piece of 1/4" to 1/2" plywood. Secure your plywood to a workbench and use the Dremel Saw-Max with a SM500 Wood and Plastic Wheel to cut along your marked lines.


Step 2

Sanding with Dremel MM20

You need:

Use a Dremel MM20 with a Sanding Pad to smooth out the edges of your newly cut base. You can use the tool at high speed here but only apply light pressure and allow the speed of the Multi-Max to smooth out any edges without gouging your wood.


Step 3

Paint base

You need:

Next, paint your base any color you would like. Use the dry time for the base to complete the next few steps.


Step 4

Draw on plywood

You need:

Here’s the fun part - now it is time to create a master piece of art to deconstruct. We thought words worked well here as an interesting way to embed our own mantras. Draw your words on another piece of 1/4" to 1/2" plywood. We outlined our words in pencil first and colored them in with different colored permanent markers. You can also paint your words if you’d like. Test your paint on a scrap piece of plywood to make sure it does not bleed outside of your outlines.


Step 5

dremel compact saw cutting wood sign

You need:

Once you have completed your original design, the deconstruction begins! We marked a grid across our art as lines of cut. Once you have made your lines, clamp your workpiece in place and use the Saw-Max tool fit with a SM500 wood and plastic wheel, cut along the longest lines first.


Step 6

Top view of dremel compact saw cutting wood sign

You need:

Complete your cuts with the Saw-Max and the same SM500 wheel across your longer, horizontal pieces you cut in step 5.


Step 7

sanding edges of sign

You need:

Sand your deconstructed pieces with the Multi-Max as you did with the base, working slowly to remove any jagged edges or splinters. The abrasive Saw-Max wood and cutting wheel leaves such a clean cut, you’ll notice that you won’t need to do too much sanding!


Step 8

Got gluing part of wood sign

You need:

Take some time to arrange your pieces into a final pattern you like. Once your base is dry, use hot glue or wood glue to mount your deconstructed pieces onto the base and use a picture hook to mount your art onto the wall!


To reduce the risk of injury user must read instruction manuals for all tools used in this project. Wear eye and respiratory protection. Use clamps to support work piece whenever practical.