decorative wall shelf

  • Difficulty

Display your favorite holiday pictures & collectables with a unique decorative wall shelf. We constructed ours out of extra building materials we had on hand!

You need
  • Hot Glue Gun
  • Craft Paint & Spray Paint
  • 9 x Various-sized sports balls (ie tennis ball, mini basket ball, ping-pong ball)
  • 48" length 1/8" metal rod
  • 15" x 40" Luan
  • 24" length of 2x4"
  • String Lights
L: Length, W: Width, H: Height, D: Diameter
Step 1 8

Step 1

drill hole

Begin by making the base of your diorama to which you'll mount your various "planets" we made our diorama 24" wide. You may already have a piece of 2x4 cut to this length. If not, no problem! The Dremel Saw –Max equipped with the SM600 Wood & Plastic Flush-Cutting Blade along with the 2x4 Cutting Guide can help you get the job done. Measure and mark a 24" length on your 2x4. Place the guide near your measurement marks. Leave about an 1/8 inch between the guide and line to accommodate for the kerf of the wheel and its slight offset. Clamp the guide in place. Make your first pass, then flip the board over to complete the cut all the way through the 2x4 on your second pass.

Step 2 8

Step 2

dremel sparks

Next, drill holes in the base for your metal stands you'll be cutting in later steps. Measure and mark the placement of your stands based on the width of your "planets", ensuring they will not overlap each other once assembled. Insert the Dremel 1/8" Drill Bit into your 4200 tool, set the tool to high speed and, holding the tool perpendicular to the 2x4, plunge 1/2" deep holes into each of your marked points.

Step 3 8

Step 3

glue wood

Next, it is time to cut your various planet stands. We varied our heights based on the size of planets to ensure a well-spaced fit/ We measured and marked varying lengths in a piece of 48" long 1/8" metal rod. With the rod clamped in a vice, we cut along our marked lines using our Saw-Max Tool equipped with an SM510 Metal Cutting Blade.

Step 4 8

Step 4

wood glue

Using wood glue, we secured each rod into its designated hole drilled in step 2.

Step 5 8

Step 5

dremel and hand
cute styrafom into circle

Next, drill holes into each of the balls you plan to mount to the stands. Due to the weight and size of our basketball, we designated it as the sun and did not secure it onto a stand. However, we found that the weight and size of tennis balls, foam balls, super balls and ping pong balls worked well to mount to the stands. Need a tip for Saturn's rings? We used a carry-out box! With your chosen planets secured in a vice, mark a center point which you'd like to mount to the stand. With your 1/8 bit still secured in your 4200 tool, set the tool to high speed and make a quick plunge cut in each of your marked points.

Step 6 8

Step 6

Dremel sawing wood

Next, we created the side boards and a backboard for our diorama. You may choose not to add this step, however, we thought it was necessary for the addition of the stars at the end! If you plan to use our dimensions for your diorama, we recommend making the following cuts in 1/4" luan: • 2 side pieces at 15" tall x 9" wide • 1 back piece at 15" tall x 24" wide Measure and mark your lines of cut. Mount the SM500 wheel on your Saw-Max and follow along your marks.

Step 7 8

Step 7

drill holes
saw wood

Next, paint your back and side walls. If you choose to insert lights through the back wall, we recommend using your 4200 with the 1/8 Drill bit to plunge a hole for each light into the wall before painting it.

Step 8 8

Step 8

put wire through
glue it together

Set your lighting into your back wall and finally, glue your side and back wall pieces together with hot glue or wood glue.


To reduce the risk of injury user must read instruction manuals for all tools used in this project. Wear eye and respiratory protection. Use clamps to support work piece whenever practical.