Dos and Don'ts of Dog Nail Trimming At Home

Trimming dog’s nails.

    Hey there, fellow dog parents! Are you ready to give your furry friend a pet-icure of a lifetime? Trimming your dog’s nails can sound intimidating – but with the Dremel Pet Grooming Kit, it isn’t as hard as it seems! Today, we’re covering the dos and don’ts of trimming your dog’s nails.

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    Do: Allow Your Dog to Sniff and Explore the Pet Grooming Tool

    A dog sniffing a Dremel dog nail trimming tool.

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    This allows your dog to get used to the tool and see that it means no harm. The more frequently you expose your pet to nail trimming with Dremel Pet Grooming Kit, the more comfortable they will become with the process. Make sure to do this first while it’s off, then on. This will prevent your dog from becoming fearful of the tool. Give them some time!


    Don’t: Go Straight In

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    Your dog needs to get used to the new tool before you attempt anything. By going straight in, your dog will be spooked by the tool. Your dog may refuse to cooperate, making the process more difficult than it needs to be. Let your dog get comfortable!


    Do: Use Treats and Rewards to Make the Process Smoother

    Dog being given treats while nail trimmed.

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    Your dog needs to know that the trimming process isn’t a harmful one. And who doesn’t love treats? Create a positive association with nail trimming by showering your pet in praise and treats, before, during, and after the process. Make sure to throw in some “good boys/girls” in there!


    Don’t: Rush the Process

    Dog nail trimming in action.

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    Take your time! If you rush it, you may risk hurting your dog, and nobody wants that to happen. Be patient with your dog, and work at their pace.


    Do: Use an Assistant if You Need To

    Trimming small dog’s nails.

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    You can always grab a friend or family member to help you handle the dog! This might be easier, as the dog can focus on the other person, who can give them praise and treats – or keep them distracted - as you trim their nails.


    Don’t: Grind Past the Quick of the Nail

    Trimmed dog nails.

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    Be cautious and avoid the quick of the nail – it’s the sensitive part with all the blood vessels within your dog’s nail. If your dog has clear nails, don’t grind down to the pink part. For dogs with darker nails, trim a bit at a time and stop when you see a chalky white color with a black dot in the middle. Remember, you’re aiming to trim the tips, not the whole nail!


    Do: Regular Trims are Key

    Trimmed dog nails.

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    Trimming your dog’s nails once a month is just right! If you take longer, it’s going to affect their balance. If you don’t, they’ll start to place their weight on the nails instead of their paw, which can put them at risk for injuries.


    Don’t: Use Firm, Harsh Pressure

    A dog with its owner in a kitchen.

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    The tool will do the work for you! Use a light-to-medium pressure when grinding the nail – no need for superhuman strength here.

    Maintaining your dog's nail health is a crucial aspect of responsible pet ownership, contributing to their overall well-being and comfort. By adhering to the dos and don'ts of trimming your dog's nails, you ensure a positive experience for both you and your furry companion. Remember to approach the task with patience!

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