Easy Christmas Eve Dinner Ideas- DIY Christmas Napkin Rings

Easy Christmas Eve Dinner Ideas- DIY Christmas Napkin Rings

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Hosting the best Christmas dinner party is all in the details. Most holiday hosts stress over having to put together the perfect menu, including a honey-baked ham of course, but they all miss one of the most important details that every guest notices. Take a look at your Christmas table decorations! The first thing your dinner guests notice when they sit down is the tablescape, even more specifically, their own plate. Rather than staring at an empty plate, give your guests a piece they can hold and admire. This DIY decoration is also the perfect way to buy some extra time if you’re not finished cooking Christmas dinner! Add the perfect complement to your Christmas centerpiece this holiday with these DIY holiday napkin rings. In just 5 easy steps you can make a guaranteed eye-catcher on every Christmas table and can even make a perfect last minute DIY Christmas gift.

You need
  • Pencil
  • 1 Red embossing powder
  • 1 White spray paint
  • Embossing glue
  • Wooden napkin rings
  • Dusk mask
  • Small paint brush
L: Length, W: Width, H: Height, D: Diameter
Step 1 5

Apply Winter from a can (hint – it’s white paint!)

paint red

Start by spraying generous amounts of paint onto the wooden napkin rings. Ensure you spray from multiple angles to coat each ring fully. Then leave everything to dry. Helpful tip: Place the wooden rings on a disposable placemat like a newspaper to ensure you don’t spray the paint anywhere you don’t want! Be sure to spray your paint outside or in a well-ventilated room.

Step 2 5

It’s time you drew a line

pour paint on circular napkinholder

To add that glossy striped candy cane look, grab your pencil and embossing glue. Carefully draw diagonal lines ¼ to ½ inch apart on the napkin ring with your pencil. Once complete, take a thin brush and apply embossing glue to every other intermediate space.

Step 3 5

Liven it up with some color

dremel red strips

Now that your lines are drawn and glue is in place, sprinkle embossing powder on the sections with the glue. Once you’ve covered each section with the powder, remove any loose powder using a clean brush.

Step 4 5

Turn up the heat

use dremel to make design
use pencil for design
final product
final product

Now comes the fun part! Grab your Dremel VersaTip Butane Torch and heat the powder using the hot air blower nozzle until the powder turns to liquid. Once it has cooled down, it sticks to the ring firmly and securely. Get creative! You can also use the VersaTip to burn your own unique patterns onto the napkin rings! Dremel creative tip: There are no limits to where your imagination can take you in decorating the napkin rings. If you prefer glitter, place Hotfix rhinestones on the ring using tweezers and fix them precisely with the Dremel VersaTip and the soldering tip. It heats the glue on the back of the stones until they are firmly attached to the wooden ring. Adding creative patterns on the wood are an alternative to rhinestones and glitter and can be done skillfully with the Dremel VersaTip Shaping Knife or Wide Blower Tip.

Step 5 5

Set the table!

circular napkin holder inside white napkins
circular napkin holder inside red napkins

Now you’re ready to host the best Christmas dinner. These easy last minute DIY napkins rings bring together the holiday look and feel of your Christmas dessert table and even act as their own centerpiece. Now it’s time to get cooking!