Levitating Letters

BOO! Halloween template
  • Difficulty

This unique piece of art is crazy-customizable and the base can be re-used all year as you cut different words or designs for each season!

You need

Step By Step Instructions


Step 1

BOO! Halloween template

You need:

You can follow our steps to create any word art you'd like. In keeping with our Halloween theme, we chose the word BOO! You can use our template or create your own on your computer by selecting a font, typing your word with letters about 5" in height and print out. We spray mounted our print out on the 1/4" material.


Step 2

Cut our each letter of desired word

You need:

Cut out each letter from your 1/4" material for easy maneuvering in the Moto-Saw when making your detailed cuts.


Step 3

Dremel Moto Saw in use for precise cuts

You need:

Cut the letters out from the blocks with the stencils mounted on them using the Dremel Moto-Saw. Mount your Moto-Saw base station to any table you'd like to work on and snap the tool into place. Place your MS51 Wood and Plastic Cutting blade into your tool. Install your accessory, set your tool to a speed of (6) and cut out your design. TIP: For interior cuts in your design, drill a small hole in the area you need to cut, mount your MS51 blade through the hole and complete your cut.


Step 4

cut wood to needed length with SM500 wheel

You need:

Lay out your letters on top of your 3/4" material which will serve as the base for this decoration. Once you've determined how you would like to space your letters, cut your 3/4" to size using your Saw-Max and SM500 wheel, leaving an extra 2" of space at each end.


Step 5

cutting two thin supporting strips

You need:

To secure the letters into place, you'll need to cut two thin supporting strips of 1/4" material to form a channel on your base. Measure and mark two strips at about 3/8" width and as long as the base you cut in the last step. Make these rip cuts using your Saw-Max tool with the same SM500 blade as you used in step 4.


Step 6

glue strips to base

You need:

Find the center of the 3/4" thick base and draw a line along the length. Glue and fasten one of the 3/8" x 1/4" strips to the base about 1/8" away from the center line. Using the fastened strip, hold one of the letters against it and glue and fasten the second strip to the front edge of the letter tight. Move the letter to the other end and repeat creating a tight groove for the letters to rest in.


Step 7

sand letters for finished product

You need:

Sand and paint letters and base for desired design and once dry set your letters into place!


To reduce the risk of injury user must read instruction manuals for all tools used in this project. Wear eye and respiratory protection. Use clamps to support work piece whenever practical.