personalized marquee

  • Difficulty


Add high-style decor to any room with a personalized marquee! We created a deep shadowbox for our marquee but there are several variations you can take.

You need
  • Wood Glue
  • Hammer & small brads
  • Drill & 3/4" Drill bit
  • String lights with clear bulbs (we used C7 size)
  • 24x24 panel of 1/4" sanded plywood
  • 12x24 osb panel 3/4" thick
  • 24x24 panel of 1/4" mdf
L: Length, W: Width, H: Height, D: Diameter
Step 1 6

Step 1

T-shaped wood clamped to a table

Begin by outlining your letter on your 1/4" MDF material. If you prefer the deeper shadowbox look of our letter, we recommend choosing a letter with all straight lines for easiest border addition on step 4. With your material clamped, cut out the shape of your letter. For straight cuts, we recommend using your Saw-Max equipped with the SM500 Wood & Plastic Wheel. For curved cuts, we recommend using your Moto-Saw tool. Tips for using your Moto-Saw tool: • To cut along your template pattern using the Dremel Moto-Saw. Mount your Moto-Saw base station to any table you'd like to work on and snap the tool into place.

Step 2 6

Step 2

dremel moto saw cutting wood

Place your MS51 Wood and Plastic Cutting blade into your tool. You can distinguish this blade by comparing it to other blades in your kit. You'll notice that the teeth on this blade are placed further apart and are larger compared to other accessories. Install your accessory, place your plywood under the foot of your tool and lower the foot. • Plug in the tool and set the speed to (6), turn the tool on and begin cutting along your tracing. Make sure to let the speed of the tool do the work and gently guide the material through the blade. TIP: For interior cuts in your design, drill a small hole in the area you need to cut, mount your MS51 blade through the hole and complete your cut.

Step 3 6

Step 3

drilling holes into T shaped wood
T shaped wood

Next, make a thin pencil line in the center of your letter & make a small dot mark every 2"- this is where your lights will thread through. Using a 2/4" bit, drill holes for the lights on each mark.

Step 4 6

Step 4

gluing wood outline on t shaped wood
dremel compact saw cutting plywood

Next, you'll want to create a small border using your osb. The osb border can serve as a final border for your curved letter or serve as cleats for a deeper shadow box effect we'll show you in step 4. Measure and mark 3/4" wide strips onto your 3/4" osb. Using your Saw-Max equipped with the SM500 Wood & Plastic Wheel for straight cuts & your Moto-Saw for curved cuts, cut along your marked lines. Once you've cut out all of your osb pieces, place them along the border on the back of the letter. Use wood glue to adhere the strips into place.

Step 5 6

Step 5

dremel compact saw cutting wood
gluing remaining border on t shaped wood

Next, if you have a letter with straight lines to which you want to create a deeper shadowbox effect - the Saw-Max can help! Measure and mark 2.5" strips onto your 1/4" sanded plywood material. Clamp your material to your workbench. Next, using your Saw-Max tool equipped with the same SM500 Wood & Plastic wheel, cut along your marked lines, then cut the strip to right-sized pieces for each section of your letter border. Apply the border to your osb cleats using wood glue. Allow the glue to set and hammer small brads for an extra-secure fit.

Step 6 6

Step 6

placing lights in holes on t shaped wood

Finally, paint your letter & allow to dry completely. Then, feed your string lights through the back of your letter by lining up each socket through the 3/4" holes & screwing the bulb in from the front of the letter.


To reduce the risk of injury user must read instruction manuals for all tools used in this project. Wear eye and respiratory protection. Use clamps to support work piece whenever practical.