How to make a mason jar lamp

  • Difficulty


This is another project which you can alter to fit your space and style. We chose to make a lamp around 4 feet long. Before getting started- one extra safety tip we'd like to point out: To avoid overheating the lamp, we recommend using low-voltage LED tealights such as the Philips Imageo lights. Detailed safety & usage information on the lights can be found at:

You need
  • Dremel 150 1/8" Drill Bit
  • Screwdriver
  • 15 Small Wood Screws
  • 3 Low-Voltage LED tealights
  • 1x6x48" Cedar
  • 4' length of 1/2" copper pipe
  • 3 mason jars
  • 3 Metal Ring
L: Length, W: Width, H: Height, D: Diameter

Step By Step Instructions

Step 1 8

Step 1

Cutting wood with dremel compact saw

Begin by cutting your cedar plank into three 4" by 6.5" blocks. As your material is 4" wide, measure three sections of 6.5" lengths. Clamp your material to your workbench and using your Saw-Max tool equipped with the SM500 wheel, cut along your marked lines, following the line of cut through the notch at the front of the tool.

Step 2 8

Step 2

cutting blueprint
dremel compact saw cutting the corner of 2X4

To give the blocks a more finished look, we chose to then cut each corner at a vertical angle with a quick plunge cut.

Step 3 8

Step 3

dremel compact saw cutting copper pipe

Next, we cut our copper pipe into our desired lamp length, at around 4'. Measure and mark your cut, then place your pipe in a vice. Replace your SM500 blade with the SM510 Metal cutting wheel and cut along each mark.

Step 4 8

Step 4

drilling holes in mason jar lid with dremel fortiflex
drilling holes in mason jar with drill

Next, we attached our Mason jar lids about 1/2" inch from the edge of each of our cedar blocks. This process works best if you first drill mounting holes near the outer edge of the mason jar lid. We made our pilot holes using the NEW Dremel FortiFlex which we keep secured above our work station. With the 150 drill bit mounted into the tool, hold the hand piece perpendicular to the jar lid and make 2 quick pilot holes opposite of each other. Next, place the metal lid ring around the lid & drill both into place with 3/4" length wood screws.

Step 5 8

Step 5

fitting pipe into hole in wood
drilling hole into wood

Next, we threaded our block onto the pipe. To do so, we drilled holes using a 1/2" spade bit 2" from the end of the block, opposite from the mason jar lid. Slide all three blocks over the pipe into your desired positions. Before securing the blocks onto the pipe, attach the jars to the lid to be sure they're spaced far enough apart.

Step 6 8

Step 6

drilling hole in wood
drilling hole in wood with dremel rotary  tool

Once you have determined your desired spacing for the wood blocks, drill a pilot hole through the back of your cedar block and into the pipe. We again used our NEW Fortiflex tool handily mounted above our work station to make the three quick pilot holes. Secure the block to the copper pipe using your drill & small wood screws.

Step 7 8

Step 7

drilling hole in copper pipe with dremel rotary tool
fitting loop in cooper pipe

We secured a ring (a key ring or flexible metal o-ring will work) at the top of our lamp in order to hang it from a ceiling hook. The FortiFlex came in handy again! Using the same 150 drill bit, make a small hole through the top of the pipe & thread the ring through the hole.

Step 8 8

Step 8

hanging copper pipe
putting lights into mason jar

Place your low-voltage tealights into the jars & secure the jars to the mounted lids lids. Hang your lamp into place and enjoy the flickering glow!


To reduce the risk of injury user must read instruction manuals for all tools used in this project. Wear eye and respiratory protection. Use clamps to support work piece whenever practical.