Recycle Center
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Make recycling easy and organized with a custom recycling center! This vertical design reduces space taken up on your garage floor and makes each bin modular for easy transport to the curb on recycling day.

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Step By Step Instructions


Step 1

Cut the 2x4 according to the measurement of the bins with Motosaw

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Start by cutting the 2x4 support planks that will secure to your wall. You'll need one plank for every rubber storage bin you are mounting plus one plank to serve as the "stop" or base for your bottom bin. Here we created three bin modules, one for aluminum, one for paper and another for plastic therefore we cut four pieces of 2x4. If you are using three gallon bins as we did here, one piece of 6 foot 2x4 material is all you'll need for these support planks. Measure the inside of your bins to determine the length of your support planks and mark your cuts. Cutting 2x4 material is made easy when you pair the Dremel SM20 tool equipped with an SM560 Wood and Plastic Flush Cutting Wheel with the 2x4 cutting guide. Place the 2x4 cutting guide near your measurement marks. Leave about 1/8 inch between the guide and line to accommodate for the kerf of the wheel and its slight offset.


Step 2

Measure and cut 1x3 planks for the lip of the bins to same dimensions

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Clamp the guide in place. With your SM500 wheel mounted in your Saw-Max tool, guide the foot of your tool against the 2x4 cutting guide. Once you have made your first pass, flip the board over with the guide still in place and make a second pass to complete the cut all the way through the 2x4.


Step 3

Drill the support 2x4 to the wall

You need:

Next, you'll need to cut sections of thinner 1x3 material that will serve as a lip which will hold the rubber bins into place onto your support planks against the wall. Cut these planks to the same size as your support planks. You will only need one piece of 1x3 material for each bin you use. Therefore we cut three pieces of 1x3. Since the depth of cut on the Saw-Max tool is 3/4" and 1x3 material is typically around the 3/4" thickness, no cutting guide is needed. Therefore, we replaced our SM600 Flush Cutting Wheel with the SM500 Wood and Plastic Wheel for this project. After you measure and mark your cut, clamp your 1x3 material to your workbench. Guide the wheel of the SM20 along the marked line, following your line of cut through the notch at the foot of your tool.


Step 4

Cut slots into the bins according to materials you plan to dispose

You need:

The bins slide behind the assembled support and lip pieces of material. They are further supported by sitting on top of the next piece of 2x4 support material below it. With your support planks cut, secure them to your wall using a drill and 3" #8 Wood Screws. (We drilled one screw at each end of the plank). Start by securing your highest-most 2x4 support plank first then secure the 1x3" adjoining piece to the face of the 2x4" plank about half-way down from the top. (We used one screw at each end here as well, being sure to avoid the screws we already placed). Slide in your first bin to measure and mark on the wall where the next 2x4 plank needs to be secured. The next support plank should sit flush beneath your bin. Repeat this process for all bins, adding a final 2x4 support plank underneath your bottom rubber bin.


Step 5

Slide your bins into place behind your lip planks and your custom recycling station is complete!

You need:

To keep your station tidy, we created custom openings for each bin depending on the material being sorted in each. Mark your desired openings at the front of your bins. For cans we created a square hole and for paper we created a long slit. Making cuts in rubber or plastic bins like these is easy with the NEW Dremel 4200 tool and EZ544 Carbide Cutting Wheel. We opted to use the A550 Cutting Shield as well for increased comfort from the plastic debris. To use the shield attachment, first remove the nosepiece of your tool. With the nose off of the tool, seat your EZ Lock Mandrel into place. Now, screw the shield onto the front of the tool where the nosepiece was and place the EZ Lock cutting wheel onto the EZ Lock Mandrel. Mount the Carbide Cutting Wheel onto the mandrel. Set the speed of your tool at 10 and begin cutting along your traced lines, applying light pressure. Slide your bins into place behind your lip planks and your custom recycling station is complete!


To reduce the risk of injury user must read instruction manuals for all tools used in this project. Wear eye and respiratory protection. Use clamps to support work piece whenever practical.