Shoe Moulding

  • Difficulty

Installing Shoe Moulding can give any room a clean, polished look. Add shoe moulding to add a decorative edge to trim or even fill in gaps between flooring and your wall. Here, we are adding shoe moulding to embellish baseboard but this technique can help you fit your new moulding no matter where you are installing it. We are coping shoe moulding with a Dremel Rotary tool instead of miter cutting it so it has a seamless fit.

You need
  • No utilities needed
  • 1/4" Round Shoe Moulding
  • Staple Gun (optional)
  • Hammer and #6, #8 Finishing Nails
L: Length, W: Width, H: Height, D: Diameter
Step 1 3

Cut Moulding to Size

Measuring the moulding
Securing one piece of moulding square against the corner

Cut the pieces of Moulding to the appropriate length you need for your project. In this case, we measured and marked our cuts at the length of our floorboard. Using your Dremel 4000 fit with a EZ544 Carbide Cutting Wheel run at full speed, make cuts along your marks. Remember to let the speed of the tool do the work, only applying light pressure.

Step 2 3

Cope Moulding

Securing the moulding into place

Secure one piece of moulding square against the corner you are trimming with #6 or #8 finishing nails or a staple gun. Once you have one parallel installed, it is time to fit the joining piece. To do this, fit your Dremel Rotary with an EZ Drum and Sanding Band. The EZ Drum makes it easy to replace worn bands throughout your project if needed. With your tool set to high speed, sand the excess material exposed by your cut piece of trim. The #408 Sanding Band is low-grit and will allow for more aggressive material removal. Remove a bit of material and check for fit as you remove incrementally more material at a time. Remove material carefully as you near the end of your coping project. Replace the #408 Sanding Band with a less aggressive, higher grit Sanding Band like the #445 for fine-tuning your fit.

Step 3 3

Secure Moulding Into Place

Securing the moulding into place

Once your joining piece of moulding is coped and you have checked that it fits nicely against your secured piece of moulding, secure it into place.