Stepped Christmas Tree

Stepped Christmas Tree
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Step 1

You need:

First, find or create your tree pattern. I started by choosing, and falling in love with an old weathered piece of barn wood. I thought that nesting trees would be fun, so I drew three different styles of trees, one within the other.


Step 2

You need:

Use the Dremel Moto-Saw™ to cut out your tree patterns. Tennessee took one look at the pattern drawn on the cracked wood, and wisely decided that she would be the photographer while I did the cutting!


Step 3

You need:

I found a board that would look good for the base, and cut it down to size with the Dremel Saw-Max™.


Step 4

You need:

I carefully sanded everything with the Multi-Max. I made sure to break over all sharp edges and take off just enough patina to highlight the grain. Next, I wanted to give the edges of the base some shape, so I mounted my Dremel Rotary tool to the workstation, turned the tool on its side with a sanding drum, and began contouring.


Step 5

You need:

When I finished contouring and sanding the trees and the base, I used wood glue to mount the tree cut-outs to it. I put them all back together, with each tree extending out about half of its thickness.