Storage Chest

  • Difficulty


Our friends at The Home Depot store  in Palm Harbor showed us how they created this Anna White -inspired chest and now we want to share our version with you!

You need
  • Drill
  • Utility Knife
  • Measuring Tape
  • Pencil
  • 1x4x8 furring strips
  • 1x2x8 furring strips
  • 1/4" plywood panel (at least 25" x 13.5")
  • 8 feet twisted sisal rope (3/8" diameter)
  • 15/32" drill bit
  • 1-1/4" brad nails (for nail gun) OR finishing nails & hammer
  • Wood Glue
  • Wood Stain
L: Length, W: Width, H: Height, D: Diameter

Step By Step Instructions

Step 1 10

Step 1

Cutting the pieces needed
Secure the material to the work bench and cut along the marked lines
Cut along the marked lines.

Start by cutting all of the pieces you'll need to complete your chest, following the provided cut list. Measure and mark your lengths of 1x4 Material & Plywood. All of these cuts can be made using your Dremel Saw-Max tool equipped with the SM500 Wood & Plastic Wheel. Secure your material to your work bench, turn on your tool and cut along your marked lines. You'll notice how easy it is to make these one-handed cuts, easily following your marked lines through the notch at the front-end of the tool. Repeat this step for all of the materials on your cut list keeping them organized in separate piles. You can cut your sisal rope to size using a utility knife or scissors or you can have your local home improvement store cut it to size when you purchase the material.

Step 2 10

Step 2

Assemble the base of the chest

Next, assemble the base of your chest by securing your 13.5" long 1x2 cleat on each 13.5" end of the plywood panel. We attached the cleats first with wood glue and then with 3 finishing nails for an extra-secure fit.

Step 3 10

Step 3

Create the two short sides of the chest

Next, create the two short sides of the chest by lining up 4 of your 13" 1x4 planks. With the planks tightly lined up, secure a piece of your 14" long 1x2 material along each end. (Repeat this process to create two sides).

Step 4 10

Step 4

Put short sides together with a hammer & finishing nails

Next, prop up each short side with the cleated edge facing out. Space the ends 27" apart and secure four 27" 1x4 boards along each of the cleated ends of the short side panels. We used a hammer & finishing nails though you could speed up the process using a brad nailer if desired.

Step 5 10

Step 5

Attach the bottom to the chest

Flip your chest over & attach the bottom to the chest, cleats facing inward, driving nails through the bottom piece's cleats.

Step 6 10

Step 6

Attach the final boards to the sides

With your bottom in place, attach the final four 27" boards to create the second side.

Step 7 10

Step 7

Assemble the lid and secure the pieces together

Finally, assemble your lid by laying out your four 25.5" 1x4 pieces and securing them together with our two 12" 1x2 boards, placed 4" in from the ends. (We secured our lid with glue & nails).

Step 8 10

Step 8

Measure the sides of the chest
Drill a hole in the marks

Next, you'll attach your rope to create side handles & hinges for the lid. Lid: measure on the back of your chest, 7" from each side and make a circle about 1" down from the top. On the lid itself, measure 6.5" from each side and make a circle about 1" from the bottom. Side Handles: measure across the second board from the top. Your side should be 14.5" across. Mark a circle at 5.5" and one at 9". Using your drill and a 15/32 drill bit, drill a hole in each of your marks.

Step 9 10

Step 9

Make passes across the new chest using the Dremel Multi-Max tool
Paint or stain as desired

To add a smooth finish, mount 70W Sand Paper onto your Hook & Loop Pad & finally to your Multi-Max tool. Set your tool to high speed and make light passes across your new chest. Paint or stain as desired. We used a waterproof sealant on ours.

Step 10 10

Step 10

Attach the ropes to the sides

When dry, attach your ropes. Top Hinges: Use your 15" rope pieces for your hinges. Tie the knots onto your chest first on the inside, then prop your lid up and tie knots inside your lid. Make sure both rope hinges are the same length. Side Handles: Use your 20" rope pieces for your handles. Thread each end in from the outside and tie your knots inside. Decide how large you want your handles before tying your last knot.


To reduce the risk of injury user must read instruction manuals for all tools used in this project. Wear eye and respiratory protection. Use clamps to support work piece whenever practical.