Wall Mount Mable Track

How to make wall mount marble track
  • Difficulty

Create this fun and educational Rube Goldberg Wall Mount Marble Track!

You need

Step 1

Cut plywood using the Dremel Ultra-Saw and smooth the edges & corners with the Dremel Multi-Max

You need:

To begin your project, cut plywood for the marble track back to 20" x 22" using your Dremel Ultra-Saw and smooth the edges & corners with your Dremel Multi-Max.


Step 2

Cut the Poplar for the marble track

You need:

Next, cut your Poplar for the marble track to the following lengths and quantities: • 1 - 22" inches long • 2 - 18" • 2 - 14" • 1 - 13" (catch basin) • 2 - 9" • 1 - 6" • 3 - 4" Then, rip Masonite in 1" strips & cut to the length of the Poplar strips you just made. Measure & cut Poplar "stops" for the channel & basin ends. Next, assemble the masonite sides to the poplar base and add the poplar stop to one end as shown using wood glue.


Step 3

Layout assembled channels

You need:

Layout assembled channels & catch basin.


Step 4

Paint and secure the channels to the plywood

You need:

Next, you can paint/finish your plywood back, we painted ours red(optional). Then, create your pattern for the run. You can use ours as a template or make your own. Secure the channels & catch basin to the plywood. We used a combination of glue for some & nails/screws (from the back) for others. This allowed us to make adjustments for ball speed. Hang on the wall and enjoy.


To reduce the risk of injury user must read instruction manuals for all tools used in this project. Wear eye and respiratory protection. Use clamps to support work piece whenever practical.