Upcycled Wooden Coat Rack

How to make an upcycled wooden coat rack
How to make an upcycled wooden coat rack

    The hall is your home’s calling card, yet it is often ignored. Give your lobby a facelift and treat it to an unusual coat rack design with upside-down coat hangers. You can make this wooden coat rack yourself in a few steps using the right tools, and it is sure to be an eye catcher in any hall.

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    Step By Step Instructions


    Mark the line where half of the hanger is to be sawed off.

    You need:

    Start by making a pattern. You trace the outlines of a coat hanger on paper and mark the line where half of the hanger is to be sawed off. Using your paper pattern you can now transfer the sawing line to your five coat hangers.


    STEP 2

    Cut the hangers using the Dremel DSM20 and the carbide cutting wheel

    You need:

    With the practical Dremel DSM20 compact saw and the multipurpose carbide cutting wheel, the coat hangers are easily cut to the right length.


    Cut wooden plank to hold the hangers using Dremel DSM20

    You need:

    To hold the hangers you need a length of wood - a fence plank, for instance - that is 10 cm wide and 2 cm thick. Cut it to a length of 50 cm. using the Dremel DSM20. You can then sand the edges of the cut wood.


    Drill the holes to fix the coat hangers with the drill bits (636)

    You need:

    Now mark on the board where you are going to drill the holes to attach the coat hangers to it. Centered from the edge, make two hole marks each at 5 cm + 10 cm + 10 cm +10 cm + 10 cm. You can drill the holes cleanly and exactly with the handy Dremel 8100's 4-mm wood drill bits 636.


    Carve out your design with a Dremel Multi-Tool and engraving cutter (106)

    You need:

    Now for the fancy work. Between the holes transfer the floral patterns from your template, using pencil and tracing paper. Or create your own designs - entirely to your own taste.


    Carve out your design with a Dremel Multi-Tool and engraving cutter (106)

    You need:

    Trace the floral design carefully, using the Dremel 8100 and an engraving cutter 106. The detailer's grip attachment ensures that you cut precisely. Finish the board with a coat of hard oil or other wood finish. Screw the shortened coat hangers through the holes into the board and the eye-catcher for your hall is complete.


    Finished project

    You need:

    Dremel creative tip: Fancy a little color? Then give your creativity free rein and add a dash of color using wood paint and varnish. For an even more personal note, experiment with the design. Why not carve out the initials of family members or symbols such as a hat, coat or umbrella?


    To reduce the risk of injury user must read instruction manuals for all tools used in this project. Wear eye and respiratory protection. Use clamps to support work piece whenever practical.