Wine Gift Rack

Pallet DIY projects and Wine
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Gift two of the season’s most popular items: Pallet DIY projects and Wine! We upcycled a pallet to a wine rack and glass holder for a unique and low-cost gift.

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Step By Step Instructions


Step 1

Using the Dremel MM20 to cut off the nails from the pallets

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Determine the number of boards and length of each board you will need for this project. Here we will show you how to create a rack which can hold 3 bottles of wine and 4 glasses. Remove the boards you will need to construct your crate (refer to cut list on the PDF for the recommended lengths). Average-sized pallets are about 40" wide. We ended up removing 3 boards from a pallet to get all of the material we needed. You will notice that the boards of some pallets are easier to pry off than others. We used our Dremel MM20 tool with an MM482 Wood and Metal Blade to simply cut off the nails from the pallets to remove the boards we needed. Tip: Before plugging in your tool, mount the MM482 blade. Next, plug in your tool, set the speed setting to 10 and begin cutting, letting the speed of the tool do the work.


Step 2

Measure and mark the cuts, clamp the boards to the workbench and cut using the Dremel SM20

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Once you have the boards you need, cut them to size. Measure and mark your cuts, clamp your boards to your workbench and cut using the Dremel SM20 + SM500 wheel. Pallet and crate boards are typically thin (around 1" deep) so you will find it easy to complete a straight cut through these boards quickly using the Saw-Max tool.


Step 3

Cleaning them up by taking time to sand them smooth with the Dremel MM20

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Some pallets and crates are in better condition than others. You may choose to keep your boards a bit more rugged looking. We decided to clean them up a bit by taking time to sand them smooth with the Dremel MM20 and Wood Sanding Sheets. Tip: Set your tool to high speed for this application but don’t apply excess pressure. Take time and work in small, circular motions across your boards to achieve the smoothest, cleanest outcome.


Step 4

Cleaning them up by taking time to sand them smooth with the Dremel MM20

You need:


Rout one of your three 12'';; long boards to hold your glasses. Our wine glass stems were about 1/4'' ; wide so we marked out 4 evenly spaced channels 1/2'' ; wide and 2''; deep. We used a 4300 with a TR561 Multipurpose cutting bit and 566 attachment to cut our channels. Depending on the thickness of your planks, you may need to make one pass, flip the board, and complete the cut with one final pass.


Step 5

Assemble the boards together using a hammer and finishing nails

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Assemble your boards together according to the project PDF. We used a hammer and finishing nails.


Step 6

Attach picture hangers to the back of the rack

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Finally, attach picture hangers to the back of your rack. We used two, as the rack will need to sustain considerable weight if you set it with three full wine bottles.


To reduce the risk of injury user must read instruction manuals for all tools used in this project. Wear eye and respiratory protection. Use clamps to support work piece whenever practical.