Wooden Phone Charger

Wooden Phone Charger

    Bring more life to your cell phone by making a charging phone stand with an old tree stump.

    You need

    Step 1

    Use plunge router to trace the box in wood shaped to your phone

    You need:

    Begin your project by measuring the width and depth of your phone. Then, take these dimensions and transfer them over to the wooden base, drawing a rectangle around the wood to guide you when cutting.


    Step 2

    Using drill bit make slots in the wood for phone charger

    You need:

    Next, use your Dremel rotary tool, plunge router attachment and accessory to remove the wood in layers, following the rectangle you traced onto the wood. If you use the plunge router 3 or 4 times smoothly, you should not need to sand the wood down. However, if it does need to be smoothed, simply take a small piece of sand paper and rub the rough area down. Safety Tip: Wear safety glasses.


    Step 3

    run the phone charger through the base and attach supports for stability

    You need:

    Then, remove the Dremel rotary tool from the router attachment and add the detailer's grip attachment, if using. Using a drill bit that is the same diameter as the thickness of your charging connector, drill two holes next to one another to form a slot.


    Step 4

    Flip the wooden base over

    You need:

    Next, flip the wooden base over, and thread the charging connector from the bottom, up through the base so it is sticking out of the top. The wood will be nearly the same size of the charger, keeping the charger in place. Secure the feet of the base per its instructions, adding support and keeping the charging station from slipping.