7350 Cordless Rotary Tool

Herramienta rotativa con batería 7350

Descripción del producto

Make it easier, simpler, and more affordable to personalize and customize your everyday crafts and DIY projects. The 7350 is the latest innovation in Dremel’s easy-to-use and easy-to-charge cordless Rotary tool solutions. Featuring the latest in battery technology, the 7350 features 30% improved runtime over the 7300 resulting in less downtime between projects. Easy to handle, the lightweight design and the smooth single-speed system makes light-duty DIY projects a breeze. As the lowest priced rotary tool in both Dremel’s corded and cordless line-up, new users can be confident that they’re receiving the same high-quality & reliable tools that Dremel is known for.

Vista general de precios y detalles de entrega 

7300-PT Herramienta de cuidado de uñas para mascota

7350-PET (7350-PET)
Número de pedido: F0137350AC
Código EAN : 0080596057671
  • 408 - 1/2" 60 Grit Sanding Band (x4)
  • 407 - 1/2" 60 Grit Sanding Band (x1)
  • USB Cable (x1)
  • Wrench (x1)
7300-PT Herramienta de cuidado de uñas para mascota

7350-5 (7350-5)
Número de pedido: F0137350AA
Código EAN : 0080596057480
  • 756-01 Cargador de batería de 3 horas
  • 407 Tambor de lijado con mandril, 1/2", calibre 60
  • 408 Cinta de lijado de 1/2", calibre 60 (4)
  • 755-01 Batería de 4.8 V
  • Llave
  • USB Cable (x1)
  • Wrench (x1)

Datos técnicos para  7350

Datos técnicos 
Amperios/hora de la batería
Voltaje de batería
Limited 2 Years