How to Make a Toy Spaceship

How to Make a Toy Spaceship


    Space travel has fascinated mankind for decades. For dreamers young and old, travelling weightlessly through the galaxy in a spaceship is a magical idea. With handy Dremel tools and a dash of craftsmanship, you can make a very own space shuttle and dream of great adventures. In this fun tutorial we’ll be making an impressive wooden model, but you could also use our handy template to create a metal miniature – there are no limits to your creativity. In just a few simple steps we’ll show you how to make a spaceship for kids!

    You need

    Print and cut out the template

    With a Dremel Moto-Saw and the General Purpose Wood Cutting Saw Blade (MS51), cutting out the parts for your toy spaceship is simple

    You need:

    Start by printing out our handy spaceship cutout template or draw your own blueprint on an A2 sheet of paper using a pencil. Cut out the paper templates using a pair of scissors, then place them on the plywood sheets and draw around them to transfer the design. Done? Then, it’s time to cut the parts out! All you need is a compact and easy-to-use scroll saw like the Dremel Moto-Saw and the General Purpose Wood Cutting Saw Blade (MS51), which will allow you to cut out the individual parts.


    Smooth the spaceship’s edges

    Smooth the edges of the plywood spaceship with your Dremel Multi-Tool

    You need:

    Now it’s time to finish the cut parts. This is where the Dremel Multi-Tool comes into play. Combined with the EZ SpeedClic: sanding mandrel (SC407) and the Sanding Bands (432), it is perfect for smoothing your spaceship’s edges. Set your RPM somewhere between 10,000 and 35,000 to have perfect control over your sanding.


    Glue the parts together

    Glue on the wings with your glue gun and smooth over the joins with a plastic spreader and some filler

    You need:

    Of course, no toy spaceship would be complete without its wings. It’s time to glue all the parts of your spaceship together using your Dremel Glue Gun (940-3). This high-temperature glue gun is the perfect tool for this task, as it’s powerful, ergonomic and has a drip-controlled exchangeable tip. Now, to seal the joins, take your plastic spreader and some filler and lightly smooth over the edges to fill them in. Let everything dry well before moving on to the next step of this project!


    Paint the spaceship

    Paint the toy spaceship with acrylic paint – let your creativity run wild

    You need:

    Time to bring your spaceship to life! Paint the toy spaceship with acrylic paint and let it dry. For a striking pattern you can mask individual areas with masking tape and paint them in a colour of your choice. Why not get your kids involved in this step and let them paint their own custom spaceship? Have fun and let your creative juices flow!


    Add cool details to the spaceship

    Add details to the spaceship with your Dremel Multi-Tool and the Engraving Cutter (107)

    You need:

    Last but not least, to make your spaceship look even better, fit the Engraving Cutter (107) into your Dremel Multi-Tool to create some details on the wings. As the tool can be held comfortably in one hand, it is ideal for intricate engraving and other detail-oriented work, adding the perfect finishing touch to this awesome toy spaceship.

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