Personal Fireplace

How to add ambiance to your outdoor party with a personal fireplace

    Add some ambiance to your outdoor party with a personal fireplace.

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    Using a grease pen, trace the upside-down bucket onto wire mesh

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    Lay your wire mesh on the ground and place your bucket upside-down over the grate. Using a brightly colored grease pen, trace the bucket. TIP: Whenever cutting metal, be sure to wear gloves, as your workpiece may spark. These sparks can be deflected using the Dremel® Shield attachment 550. To install the Shield attachment 550, remove the nosepiece of your Dremel® 4000 and replace it with the attachment. The clear shield rotates around the nose piece so adjust where needed to best deflect sparks. When cutting metals, start your Variable Speed Rotary off at a low speed and increase as needed. If chattering occurs on your metal workpiece, increase the speed of your tool gradually until the cut is smooth. Cutting wheels may wear throughout the project, so have a few on hand just in case you need to switch out wheels. If necessary, make additional quick cuts to remove any jagged edges.


    Using Dremel 4000, SC476 wheel and comfort guard 550 to cut outline

    You need:

    Place your bucket upright and set the gel fuel inside the bucket. Place the cut piece of mesh about an inch down inside the bucket, leaving enough room to add stones on top, that’s it!