Upcycle PVC pipes into column lights

    Have a small space you'd like to illuminate? Upcycle PVC pipes into column lights to add a soft glow to any space.

    You need

    Let's go - step by step


    Start to cut v shape with Dremel Multi-Tool and cutting bit 561

    You need:

    Mark the area that you would like to cut away. We used tape to mark the area so as not to leave behind any marker on our lamps. For the "V-shaped" design, start your cut by making a plunge cut at the bottom using the Dremel 4200 Multi-Tool and the Multi-Purpose Cutting Bit 561. Set your tool to high speed and with your tool at a 90 degree angle, plunge straight into the PVC. Tilt the tool side-to-side to widen the cut area just slightly.


    Make long running cuts with Dremel SC476 cutting wheel

    You need:

    Make the long running cuts up both sides of the "V" with an SC476 Plastic Cutting Wheel. For this accessory change mount the SC476 accessory onto your EZ SpeedClic Mandrel. Set the tool to high speed, and cut along your marked line of cut. Remember to let the speed of the tool do the work and do not bear down on your accessory.


    Sand edges with Dremel SC407  Drum and 408 sanding band

    You need:

    Clean up the edges of your cuts and give the top of your columns a soft, rounded edge using an SC407 Sanding Drum equipped with a 408 Sanding Band.


    Smooth with SC407 and 408 band. Project complete

    You need:

    Notch a small opening for the cord of your spotlight to run through to ensure your column will sit flush against the floor with the SC407 Drum and the 408 Sanding Band. Insert your spotlight and your project is complete!