Extraordinary Maker: Film Prop Maker Gábor Csiki

Meet Gábor Csiki, a highly skilled prop maker for Hollywood films.

Imagine immersing yourself in the wonderful world of film every day as you help to bring a Hollywood film to life. Gábor Csiki’s work involves exactly that. While Csiki was studying engineering, his life changed when he visited a prop workshop. This passionate and talented Extraordinary Maker delves deep into the story of each film he works on, recreating realistic replicas that Hollywood films cannot do without. He creates all his props from scratch, whether it’s a high tech detonator or a biblical relic like the Lance of Longinus

Hidden away between the vineyards of Etyek – a village just outside Budapest in Hungary – you’ll find the heart of Eastern Europe’s film industry: Kordas Studios. Here, Extraordinary Maker Gábor Csiki goes to work every day. In creating replicas that are true to life and the film’s storyline, his solution-driven attitude is as important as his craftsmanship. Have you ever wondered where Tom Hanks’ Faraday flashlight in the film, Inferno, came from? Our Maker had everything to do with that. To make it, he used a range of skills and techniques: from precision cutting to polishing and engraving.