How to Make a Toy for your Pet Rabbit


Whether you’d like to make a toy for your pet rabbit or create a feeding station for your pooch, Dremel is here to help. With a step-by-step video tutorial and a list of dos and don’ts, we’ll show you how to creatively work on a different Pets projects at your home. Have an old suitcase lying around? A short video shows you how to turn it into a DIY pet feeding station.

Upcycled, sustainable pet feeding station created from a  dresser table using Dremel Tools

How to Make a Pet Feeding Station

Dress up mealtime with an upcycled feeding station project. We'll show you tips on how we transformed an old dresser into a storage station that also keeps eating areas nice and tidy.

Cat tower made using wood and Dremel Tools

How to Make a Cat Tower

Explore this guide to create a climbing tower that will keep your cat busy all year-round and double as a modern piece of art for your home!

Rabbit with a new toy created with Dremel tools

How to Make a Toy for your Pet Rabbit

Explore this easy-to-follow video and step-by-step tutorial to make a fun wooden toy for a pet rabbit using Dremel’s marvellous tool range

Create a cat Drum bed with Dremel

Give It a Twist: Upcycle a Vintage Drum into a Cat Bed

Have a look at this inventive video tutorial on how to upcycle an old drum into a cool cat bed. Dremel’s Master Maker will show you all the steps.

How to create an intelligent dog toy

Intelligent Dog Toy

Clever dogs enjoy the inspiration of intelligent dog toys. A creative idea you can make yourself by using Dremel® tools is a toy with a drawer and pull cord.

Use your Dremel Multi-Tool to make a DIY Rabbit House

How to Make a Rabbit House

Explore this tutorial to spoil your bunny by creating a DIY rabbit house with your Dremel tools!

Dremel essentials for Cutting Your Dog’s Nails.

Shopping guide: Essentials for Cutting Your Dog’s Nails

Can I trim my dog’s nails at home, you might wonder? Yes, you can! Even better, with these Dremel products it can be simple and stress-free, too.