Flap wheel 9,5 mm (502)

Flap wheel 9,5 mm
Flap wheel 9,5 mm
Flap wheel 9,5 mm Flap wheel 9,5 mm
Largest flap wheel (grit P80). Works well for (gentle) finish removal

Product description

What can you do with it?
Flap wheels are great for finish removal and light material clean up because they are more forgiving than sanding bands. They won’t bite into the material as quickly. They also tend to run a little cooler because of the flaps – so they are less likely to put any burn into the material. Grind and polish flat or contoured surfaces. Most effective when used as a finishing sander after heavier surface sanding and material removal is completed. Comes in fine and coarse grades
How to use?
Flap wheels are most effective when the edge is flat against the work piece, allowing for the most abrasion to take place.
Materials to use on and recommended speed
Aluminium 30-35000
Brass 30-35000
Copper 30-35000
Hardwood 30000
Plastic 10000
Softwood 35000
Steel 35000

Example of usage

Technical details for Flap wheel 9,5 mm (502)

  • Plywood Plywood
  • Softwood Softwood
  • Chipboard Chipboard
  • Hardwood Hardwood
  • Soft Metal Soft Metal
  • Brass Brass
  • Hardened Steel Hardened Steel
  • Gold Gold
  • Aluminium Aluminium
  • Silver Silver
  • Stainless Steel Stainless Steel
  • Copper Copper
  • Rubber Rubber
  • Plastic Plastic
  • Plexiglass Plexiglass
Technical specifications
Shank diameter
3,2 mm
Working diameter
28,6 mm
Working height
9,5 mm
Accessory length
50,0 mm
30,0 mm
Maximum RPM
35.000 1/min
Package Contents
1 piece


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